COMMENTARY: Frederick Conservatives & Frederick Democrats are both hypocrites

On Sunday, the Frederick County Conservative Club – the Frederick Conservatives – erected a vulgar stand-up display of Vice President Kamala D. Harris (D) at their Walkersville Carnival booth.

Members of the local conservative club explained away the inappropriate attraction – they call it a display – as some game – a “put a sock in it” type of game.

Whatever that means.

Uh, huh.

The Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company released today the following statement:

The Frederick Conservatives’ Hypocrisy

The Frederick County Conservative Club ardently supports Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins (R).

Jenkins has previously apologized for his department’s racially motivated traffic stops and targeting minorities. The conservative sheriff is also being sued for gender discrimination by Frederick County Police Sergeant Amanda Ensor.

This year, Jenkins testified in a Maryland peace order case as an “expert witness” on Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner’s behalf. The case involved Frederick County resident Shaun Porter, who protested Frederick’s COVID-19 lockdowns in front of Gardner’s home.

And recently, A Miner Detail received a tip from someone who overheard Jenkins issuing threats of physical violence against Eric Beasley (the author).

But why?

Jenkins was concerned about Beasley’s coverage of Frederick County Circuit Court Judge Theresa Adams.

The local conservatives and Republicans shouldn’t cry “free speech” while supporting Jenkins’ malicious use of his powers for political gain.

The Frederick Democrats’ Hypocrisy

The Frederick County Democrat Party is not the torch carrier for decency.

Frederick County Councilman Kai Hagen (D) is locally infamous for interfering with a traffic stop on Route 15.

Mr. Hagen is making a bid for Frederick County executive in 2022.

America’s two-party political system survives and feeds off blatant hypocrisy.

When the partisans, on occasion, ditch their social media filters and veer off into outrageous land, you’ll quickly discover that hypocrisy replaces their partisan dogmatism.

And then it becomes a matter of survival – and many of them do.

Robbie Leonard 

Remember Robbie Leonard?

When the Maryland Democratic Party’s secretary in February 2019 ripped law-abiding gun owners as “domestic terrorists,” Ben Smith, the Democratic Party’s executive director at the time, was forced to release a “statement,” fending off the collateral damage Leonard undoubtedly inflicted.

Mr. Smith’s mealy-mouthed statement never once mentioned Leonard’s boneheaded comments, nor did he muster up the courage to even mention Leonard by name.

Instead of directly addressing Leonard’s comments – comments that should have forced Leonard to resign – Smith called on “all sides” to turn down the political heat.

What a joke.

What’s more, Mr. Leonard demanded law enforcement – the F.B.I., precisely – investigate, without cause, the same peaceful, law-abiding gun owners strolling about their state capitol, bothering absolutely no one, notwithstanding the ever-tolerant Leonard.

These men and women Leonard targeted innocuously exercised their fundamental rights to address their state lawmakers. They weren’t bothering anybody.

Leonard just couldn’t help himself.

Instead of ending his social media idiocy parade at the intersection of Jackass Boulevard and Circus Clown Way, Leonard grabbed his little red wagon, probably filled with campaign rack cards leftover from his embarrassing general election defeat only a few months prior, and he headed straight down Half-wit Pike.

Mr. Leonard went a block further, turning left down Crazy-Train Road.

The Maryland Democratic Party officer called on his social media followers to illegally doxx those very same gun rights activists peacefully moving about their state capitol.

These men and women weren’t breaking the law. They weren’t disturbing the public.

What did these men and women do to Robbie Leonard?

They upset his fragile ego.

Think about this narrative for just a moment.

Robbie Leonard, who is still an elected Democrat Party officer as of July 2021, requested his internet of social media followers to illegally harass innocent men and women whom Leonard couldn’t tolerate.

Would could possibly make Robbie Leonard look any worse?

Robbie Leonard, Esq. is a practicing Maryland attorney.

In summary, a practicing, Maryland bar-certified attorney without cause requested the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate – again, without cause – law-abiding American citizens whom Leonard subsequently rallied his internet of followers to illegally doxx.

You read that right.

Back to Ben Smith.

So, what happens when a former Maryland Democratic Party executive director excuses a Maryland Democratic Party officer (and practicing attorney) from calling on his social media followers to break the law?

Maryland’s 2022 Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner hires him as his campaign manager.

The dues paid by the partisan protection racket’s card-carrying members eventually come in handy.

Chuck Jenkins 

And that brings us back to Chuck Jenkins, the consummate, good-old-boy Frederick County Republican sheriff.

Frederick Republicans and Frederick’s Conservative Club must know that Sheriff Jenkins is more than a political problem for them come 2022.

Why do Republicans double down for a man engulfed in a gender discrimination lawsuit?

They all know it’s true. They must.

They’ve all been around Jenkins during those insufferable morning breakfasts where Jenkins loudly slurps his coffee as the bacon grease drips down onto his department-issued uniform.

These Republicans understand that Jenkins would be finished politically if his breakfast chit-chat were ever recorded and released publicly.

But again, when “our” side does it, we make excuses.

Just be consistent.

Eric Beasley is Deputy Editor of A Miner Detail. He can be reached at

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