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But first, it’s critically important to establish some ground rules before we begin our conversation immediately.

Journalism/Blogger Ground Rules 

Please immediately establish if you are speaking with us [on the record], [off the record], or [on background].

The Associated Press’ rules when chatting with news-gathering professionals are below.

On the record 

The information you share with us may be used with no caveats.

We’ll quote you verbatim and by name.

Off the record 

The information cannot be used for publication.

Any information you share with us is taken to our graves, and none will be reported – unless otherwise directed.

*Don’t do this: After agreeing to go on the record with a reporter, please do not say that parts of the conversation were and now are off the record.

A Miner Detail does not retroactively go off the record after a source agrees to speak on the record.


The information you share can be published only under conditions negotiated up-front.

You may request your name be withheld from a story, but you must agree to a description of your professional credentials. Hence, the reader knows the information reported is credible and links to a credible source.

News-gathering professionals are not obliged to comply with your change-of-heart decision to shift to speaking to us off the record.

A Miner Detail prefers you speak/email with us on the record – but exceptions can be made, if necessary, to maintain your anonymity.

Deep Background 

The information you share can be used – but without attribution.

This means you don’t want to be identified in any way, even on the condition of anonymity.


If you fail upfront to negotiate your speaking arrangement before sharing information with news-gathering professionals, said professionals should presume the conversation is [ON THE RECORD] and [REPORTABLE].

A Miner Detail Protects its Sources 

A Miner Detail protects its sources’ privacy.

We will never reveal your identity if you share information with A Miner Detail and request anonymity.

A Miner Detail‘s news-gathering professionals would rather sit in a jail cell than be compelled by the government – or anybody else – to reveal a source.

HBO’s The Newsroom sums up our position:

Please Don’t Audio Record Our Conversations

In the state of Maryland, all parties to phone calls (and in-person conversations) must expressively consent to an audio recording of any kind.

If you intend to record a conversation with A Miner Detail’s news-gathering professionals, we respectfully request you inform said professionals up-front and immediately that you want to record the conversation.

Should you decide to record the conversation without all-party consent, you may face civil and/or criminal penalties.

To learn more about audio recording phone conversations, please review this website.