Standards & Ethics | A Miner Detail [2024]

A Miner Detail’s Mission 

A Miner Detail’s mission is to inform and equip its readers with factual information about Maryland politics, current events, and state government, including its leaders at the local, state, and federal levels.

A Miner Detail generates, acquires, and disseminates Maryland political news that strives to meet the highest standards.

Standards & Ethics

A Miner Detail is an independent, nonpartisan multimedia news outlet that distributes, disseminates, and publishes news-worthy stories.

A Miner Detail strives for balance, fairness, accuracy, and transparency.

Newsgathering Methods 

A Miner Detail aims to gather the facts to pursue indisputable, abject truth without fear or favor.

We responsibly gather news and share fact-based opinions.

A Miner Detail verifies and vets its sources and ensures that its sources’ motivations are ethically responsible and conflict-free.


Personal and professional interests may sometimes conflict.

A Miner Detail pledges to disclose relationships or any underlying ethical concerns or connections to individuals and groups related to the story by providing a disclaimer within the published content.

Opinion & Reporting  

A Miner Detail publishes political commentary, and it reports on Maryland politics.

Accountability & Corrections 

A Miner Detail is accountable to its readers.

The site’s editor accepts responsibility for all reporting published.

A Miner Detail does not hesitate to disclose its newsgathering methods.

Journalistic oversights can occur, however. The editor thoroughly examines oversights and updates content with necessary corrections.

All corrections are notated in the content.

Please contact Ryan Minert at if you discover an oversight on the site.

Ownership & Funding 

Ryan Miner owns A Miner Detail.

A Miner Detail’s funding is primarily from small donations.

We graciously accept PayPal donations.

A Miner Detail does not accept or receive funding from political candidates, political action committees (PACs), lobbyists, or other political brokers.