Frederick County judiciary, police target A Miner Detail, private citizens

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins

Editors’ note: A Miner Detail Deputy Editor Eric Beasley is set to publish a series of stories in the coming weeks about a dossier targeting him. 

Frederick County Circuit Court Associate Judge Theresa M. Adams in conjunction with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office assembled a report – an informational dossier – targeting A Miner Detail Deputy Editor Eric Beasley, his personal friends, and associates.

Beasley published a series of editorials critical of Adams’ judicial record prior to Frederick County’s 2020 elections.

Adams and Frederick County Magistrate Joanmarie Brubaker – aka Joanie Raymond – received regular updates about the dossier from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Department.

Amanda Ensor 

Frederick County Sheriff Deputy Sergeant Amanda Ensor pulled several images from Beasley’s personal Facebook to include in the dossier.

Ensor included a number of subjective insinuations about Beasley and highlighted his divorce proceedings.

Adams was assigned to Beasley’s divorce proceedings until she was removed from the case in April 2020.

Beasley’s Posts 

Most images below are taken directly from Ensor’s dossier. Some images were re-captured for publication because of formatting.

Ensor, in the dossier, subjectively characterized Beasley’s social media posts as “alarming, threatening, or unstable.”

Friends of Beasley included in dossier 

Ensor’s dossier was not limited solely to Beasley’s social media postings.

Social media posts published by Frederick County resident Mary Linger Posey, a private citizen and a personal friend to Beasley, were also referenced in Ensor’s dossier on Beasley.

Posey is a declared witness in a civil case involving Beasley, prior to the post that was published.

(Posey submitted a letter to the Frederick-News Post, later published by the newspaper, highlighting Adams’ judicial record.)

This post is written and published by A Miner Detail’s editorial team. 

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