Jessica Fitzwater says she’s not running for Congress

By Ryan Miner 

Frederick County Councilwoman Jessica Fitzwater wrote to me last evening “that she has no intention of running for Congress” in 2018.

Last month, a prominent Montgomery County Democrat spoke to me off the record, relaying information that Fitzwater may be readying to jump into the 6th Congressional District’s 2018 Democratic primary, joining other Democrats – Aruna Miller, David Trone, Bill Frick, Roger Manno and Andrew Duck – in what is expected to be Maryland’s most competitive congressional midterm race.

I contacted Fitzwater on May 26 seeking comment. She responded last evening, writing,


First, let me apologize for my delayed response. I let your email get lost in the shuffle of my email inbox and I apologize.

I have not kicked off my 2018 campaign as of yet, but I have no intention of running for Congress. I appreciate you letting me know that you have heard rumors and reaching out for comment.

Sorry again for the delay. Have a great night!


Fitzwater, 33, was elected in 2014 to represent the new Frederick County District 4. Had Fitzwater jumped into the congressional race, she wouldn’t have been alone in being the lone Frederick County resident in the race. Andrew Duck, a Brunswick Democrat and former three-time congressional candidate, kicked off his campaign for CD-6 last Wednesday.

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