Shaun Porter | Maryland Protestor | A Miner Detail Podcast Interview

This is a photograph of Frederick County, Maryland resident and political protestor Shaun Porter on Election Day 2022.

Shaun Porter, a widely known Maryland political protestor, joined A Miner Detail Podcast on Sunday, March 21, 2021.

Mr. Porter is notorious for traveling the state of Maryland, standing alongside busy roads and intersections, and holding giant signs targeting Maryland elected officials.

This is a screen capture of YouTube Shaun Porter's YouTube page header.

In March 2021, Shaun Porter protested Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner (D) in front of her home. Consequently, Gardner asked a Frederick County judge to grant her a temporary peace order against Porter, claiming he was harassing her.

He explained why he’s protesting Maryland elected officials like Gov. Larry Hogan and Jan Gardner, the outgoing Frederick County executive.

And he shared stories about his frequent run-ins with Maryland law enforcement while protesting and exercising his First Amendment rights.

Maryland Protestor Shaun Porter Joins A Miner Detail Podcast 

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