Frederick Judge William Nicklas Jr. expected to retire in August

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Frederick County Circuit Court Associate Judge William R. Nicklas Jr. is set to retire in August, according to a source who works inside Frederick County’s judiciary system.

Nicklas was appointed to the Frederick Circuit Court in December 2011 by former Gov. Martin O’Malley (D).

Running unopposed in a nonpartisan election, Nicklas was elected to a full 15-year term in November 2012. His term is set to expire in 2027.

 The Maryland Constitution forces all judges to retire by age 70 mandatorily.

William Nicklas’ Notable Cases

  • Judge Nicklas presided over a case involving Narcanon attempting to open a rehabilitation facility at Trout Run.
  • In 2019, Nicklas presided over a rape and sexaul assault case involving Dr. Ernesto Torres.
  • And most recently, Nicklas ruled that the 15-year-old responsible for murdering John Weed is to be tried as a juvenile.

How are Maryland judges selected and appointed to the bench?

Maryland judges are vetted and appointed through the state’s judicial nominating commissions.

The commission sends three names to the governor for an appointment, and the governor subsequently selects from the commissions’ list of names.

In the following election cycle, the appointee is up for election in a countywide race. There is no opportunity for public comment during commission meetings.

Who serves on Maryland’s Judicial Commission District 6 (Frederick County)? 

Bethany N. Beam, Esq., Chair

Ms. Beam currently serves as the commission’s chairwoman. She is the presiding judge of the Maryland State Board of Contract Appeals, which adjudicates bid and contract appeals from companies seeking to fulfill contracts with the state.

Jodi Anderson, Esq.

Ms. Anderson is an attorney with Alegi Anderson Law.

Arthur Charles Crum, Jr., Esq.

Mr. Crum is a civil litigation attorney focusing on injury and worker’ compensation issues.

Meaghan L. Delawter, Esq.

Ms. Delawter is a family law and estate attorney.

Marie A. Fischer

Ms. Fischer is a former Frederick County Board of Education candidate and a Republican activist.

Paul D. Flynn, Esq.

Mr. Flynn is a corporate attorney who focuses on contract, real estate, and construction law.

Scott M. Hartinger, Esq.

Mr. Hartinger is a partner at the Rockville-based law firm Ethridge, Quinn, Kemp, Rowan, and Hartinger. His primary focus is personal injury and family law.

Teresa A. Mena

Ms. Mena is an Apprenticeship Navigator with the Maryland Department of Labor.

Jason Scott Shoemaker, Esq.

Mr. Shoemaker is an assistant state’s attorney in Frederick County.

Thomas P. Sinton, Esq.

Mr. Sinton is an assistant county attorney in Frederick County.

The Honorable Paul S. Stull

Mr. Stull is a former elected member of the Maryland House of Delegates in District 4A.

Laura Nicodemi Venezia, Esq.

Ms. Venezia is a family law attorney.

Thomas M. Weschler, Jr., Esq.

Mr. Weschler is a partner at Haspel, McLeod, and Drawbaugh and practices family law.

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