A MINER DETAIL is a ferociously independent, nonpartisan, down-the-middle, good-ol’-fashioned Maryland daily news and politics website, dedicated to providing every reader a personal media experience – from breaking news, federal, state and local news, investigative journalism, to every imaginable topic from business, finance, government transparency, public policy, crime and corruption, transportation, partisan politics and even some classic muckraking (if warranted). 


Known to occasionally push the limits, challenging the status quo and upending machine politics, A Miner Detail began in April 2015, founded by Washington County native Ryan Miner.

Miner, who serves as the site’s editor in chief and senior reporter, is committed to aggressively uncovering Maryland news that often goes unreported. A Miner Detail covers interesting news from all pockets of Maryland – from Deep Creek Lake to Ocean City, from Solomons Island to Havre de Grace. Miner is where politics happen. 

From reporting news out of Annapolis to local municipalities, county government and political campaigns, A Miner Detail will go after the story.

A Miner Detail is happy to publish op-eds and commentary from Marylanders (and others) who wish to share their opinions and perspective on issues driving the day. One rule, however: Please root your opinion in facts. 

AGENDA AND PROMISE: A Miner Detail’s absolute promise to every reader is to provide raw, fearless, nonpartisan, BS-free, profoundly introspective reporting, and quality grade journalism, holding government entities accountable and keeping tabs on politicians who serve our respective communities. 


CONTACT: Ryan Miner, editor in chief and senior reporter, Ryan@AMinerDetail.com. (301) 991-4220. A Miner Detail is headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland; it’s mailing address may be provided upon request. 


  • Political junkie;
  • Twitter tweeter;
  • Voracious reader;
  • Media enthusiast;
  • Loves Italian food and The Sopranos;
  • Netflix and chill;
  • Radio lover;
  • Western Maryland native;
  • Advocate for the elderly;
  • Believer in redemption and second chances;
  • Proud of his public-school education;
  • Only child;
  • Former Boy Scout;
  • Married, two children;
  • Howard Stern mega fan;
  • Cigar smoker;
  • Drives a car with nearly 200,000 miles;
  • Eastern Shore enthusiast;
  • Believer in the Golden Rule.