April McClain Delaney Gathers Support & Airs First TV Ad in 6th District Primary

This image is a screenshot from April McClain Delaney's first television ad spot released on Tuesday, March 5, 2024.

April McClain Delaney, emerging as a definitive frontrunner in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District Democratic primary, bolstered her campaign this week with a powerful combination of high-profile endorsements and the release of her first television ad.

On March 4, McCain Delaney’s congressional campaign announced Democratic endorsements from various esteemed local leaders, showcasing her growing support in Montgomery, Frederick, and Washinton Counties.

A compelling 30-second ad quickly complemented McCain Delaney’s surge in backing from key endorsements, unveiled on Tuesday, March 5, underscores her vision for the 6th District.


This image is a screenshot from April McClain Delaney's first television ad, where she emphasized her professional experience working in Joseph R. Biden Jr.'s presidential administration.


Together, these developments mark a pivotal moment in McCain Delaney’s campaign, showcasing her as a formidable candidate poised to address the challenges facing Maryland’s most competitive congressional district this campaign cycle.

The slate of endorsements includes respected individuals like:

  • Ron Young, former Frederick mayor and Maryland state senator
  • Kathleen Matthews, former Maryland Democratic Party chair
  • Terry Lierman, former Maryland Democratic Party chair and chief of staff to Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), father of Maryland Comptroller Brooke Lierman


April McClain Delaney is endorsed by former Maryland state senator and former Frederick mayor Ron Young.


McClain Delaney also received Democratic endorsements from Frederick County Council Members Jerry Donald, Renee Knapp, and Hagerstown City Councilman Peter Perini.

These endorsements are complemented by those of former Frederick County Democratic Party Chair Myrna Whitworth, Montgomery County Community Leader Dipak Thakker, and several Frederick community leaders, including Stephen Slater, John Funderburk, and Paul Fulcher.

McClain Delaney Releases 1st Television Ad

Building on this momentum, McClain Delaney released her first 30-second televised campaign ad on Tuesday, March 5.

In the ad, she draws on her experience as a mother of four daughters, emphasizing her readiness to tackle critical issues such as reining in MAGA extremists, finding common ground, safeguarding children’s privacy online, addressing the mental health crisis, and restoring reproductive rights.


This image is a screenshot from April McClain Delaney's first television ad, released on Tuesday, March 5, 2024.


“I’m April McClain Delaney, running for Congress to rein in MAGA extremists and find common ground. Having raised four daughters – I know how to work problems out,” she states in the ad, further showcasing her experience in the Biden Administration as a tech policy leader and her role in building a non-profit dedicated to protecting children online.

This ad and her newest round of endorsements signal McClain Delaney’s comprehensive approach to governance and her readiness to bring bipartisan solutions to a Congress marked by bitter partisanship and political rancor.

Her platform, focusing on pragmatic politics to address clean energy, the high cost of living, immigration, and crime, aims to resonate with voters across the 6th District.


This image is a screenshot from April McClain Delaney's first television ad spot released on Tuesday, March 5, 2024.


Prominent 6th District Democrats Endorse McClain Delaney’s Congressional Bid 

In a press release on Monday, McClain Delaney responded with gratitude to the wave of endorsements, emphasizing her campaign’s commitment to “common sense, common ground,” highlighting her agenda to restore Roe v. Wade, enhance infrastructure within the district, and create new opportunities for working families to thrive.

“With a strong team including leaders from across the Sixth District, we’ll be able to make significant progress,” McClain Delaney stated.

Endorsers praised McClain Delaney’s extensive experience in Congress, work ethic, and passion for the district.

Ron Young highlighted her readiness to represent the district’s interests. At the same time, Kathleen Matthews lauded her as an “exceptional woman leader” with a diverse background as a lawyer, non-profit leader, and senior leader in President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s administration.


This is a photograph of April McClain Delaney's campaign yard signs.


Mr. Lierman emphasized McClain Delaney’s dependability in supporting Maryland’s Democratic principles, and Jerry Donald and Renee Knapp noted her knowledge of federal policy and dedication to the community.

Peter Perini, a long-time prominent figure in Washington County Democratic circles, and Myrna Whitworth emphasized McClain Delaney’s potential to win in November, highlighting the value of adding a woman’s perspective to the Maryland delegation.

There are currently no women serving in Maryland’s federal delegation.

McClain Delaney’s campaign platform focuses on pragmatic politics aimed at improving lives through policies on clean energy, the high cost of living, immigration, and crime.

She advocates for reaching across the aisle to find common ground on pressing issues.


This is a photograph of 6th Congressional District candidate April McClain Delaney chatting with Maryland Congressman David J. Trone.


Maryland’s 6th Congressional District Democratic Primary 

As the Maryland 6th Congressional District Democratic primary heats up, a diverse and dynamic field of candidates has emerged, vying to represent their party in the upcoming general election.

The candidates include:

  • Peter Choharis
  • George Gluck
  • Geoffrey Grammer
  • Ashwani Jain
  • Maryland State Delegate Lesley J. Lopez
  • Hagerstown Mayor Tekesha A. Martinez
  • Mohammad S. Mozumder
  • Adrian Petrus
  • Chevy Chase Town Councilman Joel Rubin
  • Montgomery County Councilwoman Laurie-Anne Sayles
  • Maryland State Delegate Joe Vogel
  • Destiny Drake West, Kiambo “Bo” White
  • Altimont Mark Wilks.

Maryland will hold its 2024 primary election on May 14.

The state will conduct early voting for the 2024 primary election from Thursday, May 2, 2024, through Thursday, May 9, 2024.