OPINION: The Corruption of Judge Theresa Adams

Frederick County Circuit Court Judge Theresa M. Adams and Frederick County Magistrate Joanie B. Raymond, Esq., once called the police on me.

This was nothing more than a bald-faced attempt at intimidation.

I dared to seek out the truth about how the Frederick County judiciary system operates.

Fortunately for the reader, I do not intimidate or scare.

In this opinion piece, I’m going to break down the e-mail and explain why Judge Theresa Adams’ actions are an affront to the judiciary.

A wise person would sit down and read; a fool, however, would try to send a SWAT team to my house.

Below is the e-mail in its entirety, sent by LT John Benner of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office with his recollection of the interview of Judge Theresa Adams.

Let’s do this:

There have been a few cases involving custody, DV, and claims of bad parenting and/or child abuse.

This is not exactly true.

Judge Adams has not heard any arguments or witness testimony.

She chose to ignore a mandated reporter filing a CPS report against the mother for physical child abuse, pictures drawn by the child indicating child abuse from the mother (and ignored by Shelley Sexton of CPS), the mother’s attorney threatening the mandated reporter for filing the report, a psychological evaluation performed by FCPS showing the mother is an inadequate parent, a daycare provider who witnessed physical abuse and neglect, and hours of videos showing the children’s fear of their mother.

Just to name a few.

What is most relevant for the reader is that Adams was removed from the case on April 1st, 2020, by Judge Martz-Fisher after a complaint was filed with the Commission on Judicial Disabilities.

As of this writing, the investigation is ongoing.

This e-mail clearly indicates to me why Adams was removed from the case.

I believe Adams created the appearance of impropriety and stubbornly refused to recuse herself.

Judge Adams was concerned that Beasley has been posting information on this site – https://aminerdetail.com/author/sparticus789 and in other formats,

There you have it.

Judge Adams’ sole concern was that a media outlet was covering her terrible record as a Judge.

That a media outlet covered her sentencing a man who raped a 4 year old girl to 18 months in jail. That a media outlet covered her sentencing a 23 year old man who posed as a 17 year old on Instagram to rape a 14 year old to 18 months in jail and approved work release.

That a media outlet covered her sentencing a pedophile to 5 years probation.

This police report was filed with malice and revenge for those decisions being made public.

Governor Hogan has pushed for years to increase judicial transparancy. All that A Miner Detail has done is what Governor Hogan attempted to do through legislation. The articles we have written are but a mere glimpse behind the curtain of the Thin Black Line. Imagine how many more atrocities in criminal sentencing you will learn about once this information is readily available. Now do you understand why Governor Hogan was stonewalled from meaningful Judicial reform?

and has represented himself as a member of the media (I guess due to writing articles for this site)

A Miner Detail is a notable and credentialed press organization.

A Miner Detail’s editor, Ryan Miner, spends the legislative session in Annapolis with press credentials.

I have been writing on A Miner Detail now for 5 years.

I’ve guest-hosted on WFMD.

Do you want any government representative – from Jan Gardner to Donald Trump – to have the power to decide who and what is a media outlet?

to request information about her finances and relationships with Tom Chase (he commented on one of Beasley’s post).

For the record, every elected person in Maryland is required by law to file financial disclosures – from Maryland General Assembly members, county council officials, and elected judges.

These records are publicly available.

Certain positions are available online (Delegates, Clerk of the Circuit Court) while others require you to go in person to Annapolis to retrieve (Judges).

Below is a perfect example of how a credible, honest, and trustworthy elected representative (Clerk of the Circuit Court Sandy Dalton) responds to financial disclosures being reviewed.

What does it say about Judge Theresa Adams that her response is to file a police report? Perhaps she is worried about the crushing debt from her mortgage and her undeclared Federal Income Tax lien in 2010? Yes, Judge Theresa Adams falsified her financial disclosures for 2010 and failed to report a $10K+ debt.

Thomas Chase is another interesting occurrence. Mr. Chase accidentally admitted in a Facebook thread to having a conversation with Judge Adams about a pending case. This is a direct violation of the Judicial Code of Ethics. Mr. Chase is also a private investigator and “media consultant.” In my line of work, we call them “fixers”. These are the people who get dirt on an individual and vaguely threaten them to comply with their client’s demands. Did Judge Theresa Adams consult with Mr. Chase in order to scare me into silence? He is also a contract employee of the Public Defender’s Office, which begs the question of what sort of undue influence he exerts over Judge Adams in her sentencing decisions. Is he the reason Judge Adams sentences child rapists to 18 months in jail? The thread was a “who’s who” of attorneys in Frederick County, rushing to her defense. Each one worshiping at the altar of the bench to curry favor.

A Miner Detail is in possession of documents which establish probable cause for a nefarious financial scam operating out of the courthouse. Are Mr. Chase, and the attorneys involved in that Facebook thread, implicated?

A source has informed me that Mr. Chase had to terminate his employment with the Frederick City Police after fornicating with a witness in a case that he was set to testify in. If you know the case number, please send us on anonymous tip.

Some of the pictures Beasley used are believed to have come from Judge Adams’ daughter’s facebook account.

A Miner Detail has policies which specifically prevent us from bringing up family members of elected representatives unless they assume an active political role. This specific daughter is not involved in any political role. Therefore her name has not, and will not, be printed on our website. It should be mentioned that this specific daughter was the only friend on a Facebook profile that Judge Theresa Adams set up to send a friend request to myself and follow A Miner Detail in December 2019. Screenshots of this indiscretion have already been forwarded to the Commission on Judicial Disabilities, among many others.

Below is the record of Judge Adams’ first visit to A Miner Detail.  It’s amazing what you can do with some basic log analysis on a computer. This correlates directly to the Facebook profile’s activity (mentioned above) on December 16, 2019. Networkmaryland is a state-operated ISP for government entities to connect to state and public internet-based resources. Basically Comcast/Verizon for state agencies. It’s not hacking, you left your Courthouse Throne and crossed the digital threshold. This is a world in which I am the Samurai, the keyboard cowboy. You are cattle, clueless to the footprints you leave.

Her daughter, Alexis Adams Slater who is married to former candidate for Delegate Stephen Slater, would be fair game as she is the Campaign Chairperson:

That’s public information readily available on MDCRIS.

What’s curious about the Slater’s is that a foreclosure was initiated against Judge Adams for the property at their home address. When I requested court records for this case from the clerk, there was no case file. Did Judge Adams use her power and influence as a Judge to make this go away? Was it sealed and covered up, like when her scheduling negligence directly led to the death of a litigant? Or more like when she had a custody case overturned because she stated in open court that mother’s always make better parents than fathers?

Anyone with a semblance of intelligence and analytical ability could identify the connection between myself and the Adams family. Everything is a matter of public record. Let’s make that a reader challenge. There are two connections between me and the Adams Family, one is 2 degrees and the other is 3 degrees of separation. The first reader to positively identify both connections between me and the Adams family will receive a PJ Mask bucket full of organic garden produce, personally delivered (if you live within 20 miles of Frederick). Not eligible if I have told you what the connections are (you people would just need to show up at my door anyways). You have to post the connection as a comment under A Miner Detail’s public post. Let’s see if our readers are smarter than a Judge and LT John Benner.

We did not see anything threatening, except for comments made by someone responding to Beasley’s post that sounded like suggestions that he needed to stock up on lime and other stuff – apparently alluding to killing and burying her.

Again, no threats made by me. The real purpose of this report was already stated above. Judge Adams does not like her terrible judicial decisions being publicized. I also confirmed with the commentator that no law enforcement has reached out to him.

Also note that according to the email, this was an observation from law enforcement and NOT information received from Judge Adams. To reiterate, Judge Adams did not believe there to be any threats in anything said or posted by myself. She called the police because I was writing articles about her decisions as a Judge.

Judge Adams did not want us to contact Beasley at all at this point but Sgt Ensor will be putting out a bulletin through Nate.

This entire investigation was flawed from the moment that Judge Adams asked the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office to violate due process. Even in the case of Chad Steiner, he was interviewed by the FCSO to respond to claims of child abuse. I have reached out to Sheriff Jenkins multiple times and he has yet to return my call. Perhaps Judge Adams is continuing to exercise this undue influence over the Sheriff’s Office?

Judge Adams did not want me informed of the investigation because it would force her to recuse herself from the case. She would have the “appearance of impropriety” and therefore unable to punish me for speaking truth to power. Following this police report, Judge Adams ruled on three motions in my case. Including a motion for her to recuse herself from the case based on Thomas Chase’s Facebook comments, the Facebook friend request, and other evidence of collusion and corruption from her bench.

Let’s talk about that bulletin. On March 3rd, 2020, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office had a dossier on me. This included my driver’s license photo and a satellite image of my home. Why do you need a satellite image of my home for courthouse security? This was preparation for a raid, one which I would be unlikely to survive.

His posts on aminerdetail seem to imply that he just case across the possibility that Judge Adams might be soft on criminals when Charlie Smith attended a Republican Committee function,

Feel free to ask anyone that attended that Republican Club meeting (If Judge Adams grants you permission to perform a real investigation, that is). Like a board member:

Below is the spreadsheet that I compiled for the Republican Club of Frederick County (it has since been drastically expanded):

Notice how the black perpetrators receive more jail time? Notice how a black person commits elder abuse and is sentenced to 1.5 years in jail, but a white woman is sentenced to ZERO jail time over child abuse and was only imprisoned for violating probation? Notice how 6 out of 9 cases involving jail time are 1.5 years? These are the trends that the Judges do not want the public to be able to identify. This is why Judge Theresa Adams called the police on A Miner Detail.

but most of what we saw was him making his arguments that his ex is abusing and frightening the children, etc…

Also, I do appreciate the FCSO acknowledging the pattern of child abuse that Judge Adams has blatantly ignored. I hope those videos affected LT John Benner as much as they affect me and every other viewer. However, it does seem that LT Benner crossed his wires here. As A Miner Detail has not covered any of the child abuse that my children are experiencing from their mother. At least until this article.

I am the most disappointed in the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office. I reached out numerous times to resolve this issue and received no response. For being a “Constitutional” Sheriff, Chuck Jenkins’ department has disregarded just a few parts of that Constitution which he claims to believe in. If Jan Gardener, Kai Hagen, or Brad Young called him wanting to file a police report against a member of the press for writing articles about them, would Sheriff Jenkins follow their lead? Would he ignore the basic investigative procedures and not interview the writer at their request? Perhaps it is different because Judge Adams is a registered Republican and was nominated by Governor Ehrlich? Either way you chalk it up, Sheriff Jenkins and the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office were complicit in an attack on the press at best, active participants in protecting a racist and corrupt Judge at worst. Fortunately for us, the Sheriff is elected for 4 year terms. We are stuck with Judges for 15 years.

So let’s wrap this up. The preponderance of evidence I have presented above indicates Judge Theresa Adams:

  • Engaged a private investigator to bully, threaten, and intimidate a journalist covering her judicial decisions in an election year.
  • Used her position as a Judge to silence political opposition to her re-election by issuing an injunction preventing the publication of her corrupt acts.
  • Used the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office to bully, threaten, and intimidate a journalist covering her judicial sentencing decisions in an election year.
  • Exercised undue influence over the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office investigative procedures to deprive a journalist of his Constitutional Rights.
  • Told the police her only concern was that A Miner Detail was publishing articles about her judicial decisions. She was protecting her reelection efforts.
  • Forced two lovely children (Zane and Arthur Beasley) to be locked in their own personal abusive hell with no reprieve.
  • Violated multiple provisions of the Judicial Code of Ethics.
  • Falsified her 2010 financial disclosures.

In our next article, we will be highlight Magistrate Joanie Raymond (aka Joanmarie Brubaker) impulsive behavior, propensity for violence, reckless hyperbole, hypocrisy, and something in between illegally operating a business, tax fraud, and wanton corruption and embezzlement. Jray, you said that I was being “vicious” and on a “warpath.” Sadly, you fell into the media hype about what that actually means for a Veteran. This is what my warpath looks like. Plus 3.5 years of school so that I can become a lawyer and spend my time exposing judicial and attorney corruption through legal action. Does Allied Counseling ring a bell?

For the official record, I am not nor will I ever be pondering suicide. The cameras outside my cell will only malfunction if someone maliciously tampers with them. Footage will not be lost, it will be deleted by a corrupt Private Investigator. If I end up Epsteined, then please investigate Judge Theresa Adams, Magistrate Raymond, and Thomas Chase. Any criminal charges brought against me after writing this article will be a direct result of corruption and racketeering. If anything happens to me every case note, piece of evidence, and video will be publicly accessible and widely distributed.

I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: Give me the power of a criminal subpoena and let me see how far down this rabbit hole goes.

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Eric Beasley
After a year fighting bears and chopping wood in the forest, a Cancer has emerged in Frederick County. The only way to kill Cancer is with fire, and casting a ballot.