Amanda Ensor’s Lawsuit Moves Forward in Federal Court

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins Management Problem

A year later, Sergeant Amanda Ensor’s gender discrimination lawsuit against Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins moved to the scheduling phase.

A Miner Detail is the first Maryland media outlet to report the suit against Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.

The Background 

On March 8th, 2022, U.S. District Court Judge Ellen Hollander issued a ruling that parsed out the claims against Jenkins that can move forward.

A flurry of motions followed Judge Hollander’s ruling.

Claims Dismissed 

Ensor’s claims against Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and Frederick County Government were dismissed.

Hollander also dismissed claims against now-retired Frederick County Sheriff’s Captain Ron Hibbard and Frederick County Sheriff’s Special Operations Captain Jason Null.

Another claim against Frederick County Sheriff’s Lt. Greg Warner was also dismissed.

The dismissal of claims is often standard practice in lawsuits aimed at government employees.

For more information about the process, you can read about Qualified Immunity.

Amanda Ensor’s YouTube Video 

The surviving claims concern the YouTube video Amanda Ensor created with The Dobre Brothers in 2018.

Jenkins reassigned Ensor to Frederick County courthouse security as punishment for participation in the 2018 video.

Ensor alleges disproportionate punishment as compared to male deputies.

As previously detailed, other male deputies participated in similar “pranks.”

A jury will determine if Jenkins’ punishment of Ensor meets the statutory definition of workplace discrimination.

Previous lawsuits against Chuck Jenkins 

Jenkins is no stranger to discrimination lawsuits.

In 2018, the sheriff was accused of profiling Hispanic residents in Frederick County.

He settled this lawsuit for $125,000 and issued a formal apology.

The Frederick News-Post reported Jenkins’ apology in January 2021.

“In his written apology, Jenkins acknowledged Medrano was improperly detained by deputies who ‘had not been adequately trained’ at the time.

‘All Frederick County deputies have been properly trained and will continue to be trained in the future so that neither yourself nor others will suffer similar actions and circumstances,’ Jenkins wrote to Medrano.”

Jenkins is running for re-election in 2022

No Republican is challenging Jenkins as of April 15.

Two Democrats – Karl Bickel and Daniel Thomas McDowell – have filed to run for Frederick County Sheriff.

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