Sheriff Chuck Jenkins Sued for Gender Discrimination, Harassment, and Civil Rights Violations

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins

A Frederick County Sheriff’s sergeant filed a lawsuit against Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins (R) and the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, alleging sexism, discrimination, racial animus, and more.

Frederick County Sheriff’s Sergeant Amanda J. Ensor in May 2020 filed a lawsuit in the U.S District Court of Baltimore – case number 1:20-cv-01266.

A Miner Detail obtained a full copy of the complaint and exhibits. The attached screenshots are snippets of Ensor’s suit.

Jenkins accused of sexism, mocking LGBTQ community 

Ensor’s complaint accuses Jenkins of referring to women as “bimbos” while uttering vulgar comments about women. She alleges that Jenkins mocked the LGBTQ community.

Racial Prejudice  

Ensor claims that Jenkins “openly displays prejudice based on race.”

 Jenkins allegedly disapproves of female employee leave 

Ensor forced to attend an internal investigation while on FMLA leave 

Excessive Punishment for Community Outreach

Ensor participated in a YouTube prank with the Dobre Brothers in Sept. 2018.

The complaint alleges that an internal affairs investigation found Ensor guilty of “egregious misconduct,” resulting in a three-week suspension without pay and a “demotion” to Judicial Services.

Ensor demoted 

Retaliation and Discrimination 

Ensor says she was held to unfair standards and was “prohibited from leaving the Courthouse” for a lunch break.

The Fallout 

4th Amendment rights allegedly violated 

Ensor alleges that the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office violated another officer’s 4th Amendment rights.

Disparity in Discipline 

Ensor’s attorney, Janice B. Rockwell, declined to comment when reached for comment.

On January 21, 2021, the department settled a racial profiling lawsuit for $125,000.

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