Raymond Casteline | The Other Chuck Jenkins Machine Gun Guy

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and Raymond Casteline

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and Robert Krop have been all over the news since their indictment in April.

But why haven’t we heard of Raymond Casteline?

Jenkins and Krop were indicted for their use of “law letters” or “demonstration letters,” which Krop used to acquire automatic weapons for his company, “The Machine Gun Nest.”

Krop wasn’t the only person for whom Chuck Jenkins signed memorandums.

After a lengthy MPIA dispute, A Miner Detail obtained a copy of each “demonstration letter” that Jenkins signed.

A second person used Jenkins’ signature to acquire automatic weapons.

Raymond Casteline

On January 19th and February 9th, 2016, Sheriff Jenkins signed a demo letter for Mr. Casteline and his corporation, Cast74 LLC.

Sheriff Chuck Jenkins requested a demonstration of three (3) machine guns:

  • Heckler & Koch G3 A2/A3 chambered in 5.56mm/.223 Remington.
  • Heckler & Koch G3 A2/A3 chambered in 7.62 NATO/.308 Winchester.
  • Sigarms SG-552-2p machinegun chambered in 5.56mm/.223 Remington.

No law enforcement agency or military unites in the United States have ever used the G3 A2/A3.

The SG-552-2p (or Commando) rifle has also never been used by any local law enforcement or military units in the United States.

Three federal law enforcement agencies (DEA, FBI, U.S. Capitol Police) use variations of this rifle.

Where is Raymond Casteline’s Gun Shop?

Unlike Krop, Raymond Casteline never had a retail location – nor did Casteline operate a shooting range.

In May 2011, Casteline created Cast74 LLC, an FFL Type 7 (Manufacturing) with a Class 2 SOT.

That means he was allowed to build items covered by the National Firearms Act of 1934, such as machine guns or suppressors.

However, Casteline was not legally able to import machine guns from overseas.

He would need a Class 1 SOT to do so.

Casteline’s Co-Owners

In January 2013, Casteline went into business with Jonathan and James Deater.

Casteline changed his company name from Cast 74 LLC to Delta 8 LLC.

The address associated with the Deater owners is Trout Run, a retreat that has been the subject of local controversy.

The Deater family is well-known in the community for their public service careers.

(Jonathan and James are both Maryland State Troopers.)

Their brother, Jason Deater, worked for the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office and retired as a lieutenant.

The Deaters were removed from the company in February 2014, and the name changed back to Cast 74 LLC.

Casteline’s Machine Guns

In early 2016, Raymond Casteline obtained memorandums from Jenkins requesting a “demonstration.”

Casteline is not legally allowed to import these firearms; he does not have a proper license – the SOT Type 1.

He can manufacture machine guns once the parent company properly licenses the parts.

Casteline doesn’t own a shooting range, which is required to demonstrate the machine guns.

Three months after the memorandums, in May 2016, Raymond Casteline closed his business, Cast74 LLC.

A second signature appeared on the Second Demonstration Letter, with an approval note and a date.

The date is after Casteline shut down his business.

Who is Raymond Casteline?

Public records were scant on Casteline.

A Miner Detail knows Casteline has spent sixteen years in the U.S. Army and presently serves as a major in the Army Reserves.

From 2014 to 2016, Casteline was the Alpha Company Warrior Transition Unit Commander at Fort Meade.

During that time, Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins authorized Casteline to obtain machine guns.

Raymond Casteline is the Lab Director for the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority in Texas.

Cast74 LLC, Casteline’s business, relocated to La Vernia, Texas.

The whereabouts of Casteline’s machine guns are unknown.

Eric Beasley’s Commentary

At least Krop owns and operates a gun range.

Casteline operated his business from his home, a conference center, and a shack on Green Valley Road.

How exactly was Casteline demonstrating the machine guns to anyone at the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office?

Why was Raymond Casteline not indicted?

Why was Robert Krop indicted for illegally possessing machine guns and not Raymond Casteline?

Both men obtained a memorandum from Sheriff Jenkins to possess machine guns.

Is Krop being targeted?

Given the difference in treatment between Krop and Casteline, Krop is seemingly singled out.


Perhaps Casteline was ignored because of his military career or prior affiliation with the Deater family.

Could the Deaters be implicated if Casteline was also indicted?

Raymond Casteline’s Machine Guns Have No Legitimate Law Enforcement Purpose

Both machine guns in the Raymond Casteline memorandums have never been used by local law enforcement within the U.S.

The H&K G3 is antiquated and too cumbersome for any legitimate law enforcement purpose.

The SG-552 is a short-barrel assault rifle that might have specialized usage in a law enforcement agency.

Except for the $8,000 price tag.

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