Was Jessica Haire Caught Lying About Ties To Consulting Firm Connected To Proud Boys?

Jessica Haire and McShane LLC working together

Is Jessica Haire lying about her relationship with a Republican consulting firm with direct ties to the Proud Boys?

The Anne Arundel County councilwoman says claims to have”ended her association” with McShane LLC principal Rory McShane, a Maryland native, “as soon as she learned” about his association with the Proud Boys, a violent extremist group.

Is she telling the truth?

That’s for the readers to decide.

Jessica Haire and Rory McShane did not respond to requests for comment.

Jessica Haire and Rory McShane

Jessica Haire Pays Advertising Strategies, LLC Almost $52K

“Friends of Jessica Haire” is Jessica Haire’s Maryland campaign finance entity; it’s how she raises cash to fund her campaign.

Her June 14 campaign finance report reveals that her campaign paid Carson City, Nevada-based Advertising Strategies, LLC $51,577.91 for “mailing services.”

You can review Jessica Haire’s June 2022 Maryland campaign finance report by clicking this link.

How did Jessica Haire even discover Advertising Strategies, LLC, and who runs the Nevada business?

Keep reading.

Jessica Haire, an Anne Arundel County Executive candidate, paid nearly $52K to a Nevada mailing services company

The Ghost Mailing Services Company: Advertising Strategies, LLC

Here’s what A Miner Detail knows about Advertising Strategies, LLC:


Advertising Strategies LLC is a mailing service company linked to Rory McShane

Who’s Responsible For The Advertising Strategies Management Trust? 

On Thursday, July 7, 2022, SilverFlume, Nevada’s online business portal operated by the office of the Nevada Secretary of State, added “Manager” to Advertising Strategies, LLC’s officer information.

SilverFlume further listed an “Advertising Strategies Management Trust” address at 8966 Paige Rene Court in Las Vegas, NV, 89117.

Do you think anyone associated with Rory McShane or McShane LLC lives at the Paige Rene Court residential address (Las Vegas)?

Yes, indeed: Somebody closely associated with Rory McShane’s Nevada business filings lives at Paige Rene Court address.

Who is that person?

Enter Machala Mandolfo Danieri

Machala Mandolfo Danieri is the listed residential property owner at 8966 Paige Rene Court in Las Vegas, Nevada, 89117.

Why is Machala Mandolfo Danieri relevant to the Rory McShane-Jessica Haire narrative?

Mandolfo Danieri is a legal assistant and client support specialist at the Kenneth A. Woloson Law Office in Las Vegas.

Machala Mandolfo Danieri linked to Nevada company Advertising Strategies, LLC

Do you want to guess which Las Vegas attorney previously assisted Rory McShane with two other Nevada business filings?

You guessed it: Attorney Kenneth A. Woloson. 

Kenneth Woloson helped Rory McShane to establish two Nevada companies

Machala Mandolfo Danieri did not respond to a request for comment.

Kenneth Woloson & Rory McShane

Attorney Kenneth A. Woloson is Rory McShane’s listed resident agent for two other Nevada companies McShane created in 2020:

  • McShane Properties, LLC
  • McShane Strategies.

Meet Nevada corporate attorney Kenneth Woloson:

Anne Arundel County Councilwoman Jessica Haire, Rory McShane and attorney Kenneth Woloson

McShane Properties, LLC Was Registered On June 11, 2020, As A “Domestic Limited-Liability Company”

Attorney Kenneth Woloson is the listed resident agent Rory McShane's Nevada company, McShane Properties, LLC


McShane Strategies Was Registered On November 17, 2020, As A “Domestic Corporation”

Attorney Kenneth Woloson is Rory McShane's listed resident agent for McShane Strategies

Did Jessica Haire Lie?

In 2021, numerous national media outlets reported Rory McShane and McShane LLC’s direct ties to the Proud Boys.

Those media reports created a massive public image problem for rational, anti-Trump Republicans.

Jessica Haire had to disassociate with Rory McShane – at least publicly.

What choice did she have?


They were loyal to Rory.

Anne Arundel County executive candidate tied to consult with Proud Boys ties

The Haire campaign needs Rory McShane’s help to win their primary.

Mr. McShane’s firm has a solid record of winning Republican primaries.

But how could Jessica Haire and Rory McShane work together without the mess and bother of the public scrutinizing Haire for maintaining a working relationship with a consulting firm that sought to recruit the Proud Boys to overturn a presidential election for Donald Trump?

They needed a plan.

Jessica Haire Knew About Rory McShane’s Relationship With The Proud Boys In Mid-June 2021

Maryland campaign finance committees must accurately report all incoming and outgoing expenses during any given reporting period.

In January 2022, the campaign reported seven expenditures – from June 2021 to November 2021 – to McShane LLC, totaling $81,860.76.

Wait a moment.

Didn’t she tell Maryland Matters Editor Josh Kurz that she “ended her relationship” with Rory McShane “as soon as she learned of his connection” to the Proud Boys?

Yes, she did.

But wait, there’s more.

Jessica Haire and Rory McShane

Herb McMillian’s June 2021 Letter Addressed To The MDGOP Executive Committee

The Anne Arundel County Councilwoman would have easily known about McShane’s relationship with the Proud Boys by mid-June 2021.

We know this because former Maryland state Delegate Herb McMillian sent a letter on June 14, 2021, to the Maryland Republican Party leadership.

Remember the date: June 14, 2021. 

(McMillian is Haire’s top Republican opponent in the July 19 Republican county executive primary.)

Herb McMillian and Jessica are top competitors in the Anne Arundel County executive Republican primary.

Mr. McMillian blasted the state Party for “unethical and inappropriate activities involving the expenditure of state party funds, and the use of state party resources, on behalf of candidates in Republican primaries.”

Read Herb McMillian’s June 14, 2021, letter to the Maryland Republican Party Executive Committee.

In addition, McMillian’s letter included a link to a May 2021 Nevada Current article about Rory McShane’s ties to the Proud Boys.

Wouldn’t Dirk Haire have shared McMillian’s June 14 letter with his wife, Jessica Haire?

You could logically deduce that Jessica Haire knew in mid-June 2021 that Rory McShane and his consulting firm had ties to the Proud Boys in Nevada.

If Jessica Haire knew about McShane’s Proud Boys connections in June 2021, why did her county executive campaign continue to pay McShane LLC until November 2021?

The Jessica Haire for County Executive campaign continued to pay Rory Mchane's firm until November 2021.

The Haire Campaign’s Undercover Relationship With Rory McShane And McShane LLC

Team Haire and Team McShane LLC would hatch a plan to maintain an undercover working relationship throughout the 2022 campaign cycle.

But first, the political temperatures needed to cool.

The Proud Boys hubbub caused quite a ruckus for Rory McShane and his well-established Republican consulting firm.

Then August 2021 arrived; it was back to business.

Born on August 12, 2021, in Carson City, Nevada: Advertising Strategies, LLC: The limited liability lovechild of Jessica Haire and Rory McShane.

GOP operative tied to The Proud Boys

The Advertising Strategies, LLC Scheme 

Jessica Haire knew she’d take a political hit if she continued paying McShane LLC.

But the two wanted to work together.

And to do so, they’d have to create a separate Nevada LLC that’s virtually undetectable and free from the public’s prying eyes.

Maryland Republican Party Chairman

McShane needed help from someone he could trust: Nevada corporate attorney Kenneth A. Woloson, McShane’s previous attorney.

Mr. Woloson’s legal assistant, Machala Mandolfo Danieri, became the perfect cover for McShane’s secret Nevada LLC.

Mandolfo Danieri’s home address is linked directly to Advertising Strategies, LLC.

Isn’t that a problem?

Advertising Strategies, LLC has no website or any trace of a digital footprint.

Who would ever find out about the scheme? 

It was the perfect solution for Jessica Haire’s Anne Arundel County executive campaign.

The Haire campaign could continue to pay Rory McShane for his political consulting services and avoid public scrutiny.

But the scheme hasn’t quite worked out as planned.

The Backstory

In May and June 2021, multiple media outlets reported a high-ranking McShane LLC employee “worked on election night in 2020 to ‘get the Proud Boys out‘ to a post-election rally.

They wanted the Proud Boys to protest the validity of balloting, according to an email obtained by the Nevada Current.

Kenneth Woloson is a Nevada corporate attorney Nevada business filing

The Proud Boys are a violent, all-male racist extremist group that played a central role in the January 6 insurrection at the United States Capitol Building.

The group calls themselves ‘Western chauvinists’ but denies connections to alt-right groups.

Maryland early voting began on July 7 and extends through Thursday, July 14, 2022.

Early voting centers are open from 7:000 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. each day.

The primary election is on July 19. 

Jessica Haire sits on the Anne Arundel County Council.

She is one of five Republican candidates running for Anne Arundel County executive.