Danielle Hornberger Hires Dirk & Jessica Haire

Maryland GOP power couple to represent Danielle Hornberger in McCarthy lawsuit

Dirk and Jessica Haire represented Danielle Hornberger in a lawsuit filed by former Cecil County Executive Alan McCarthy.

The couple entered a notice of appearance on behalf of Danielle Hornberger in August 2020.

Hornberger defeated McCarthy in the June 2020 Cecil County executive Republican primary.

McCarthy later filed a lawsuit in Circuit Court to remove Hornberger from the November general election ballot.

Click the link below to read the details of McCarthy’s allegations against Hornberger.

McCarthy v. Cecil County Board of Elections and Danielle Hornberger.

He alleged that Hornberger committed fraud on her candidate financial disclosure forms.

McCarthy’s attorneys argued that Hornberger rendered herself ineligible to appear on the general election ballot.

About Dirk Haire and Jessica Haire 

Dirk Haire is the current chair of the Maryland Republican Party.

He is a partner at Fox Rothschild LLP.

Jessica Haire was previously employed at the same law firm for eight years.

She later founded the boutique law firm JVH Law, LLC.

Mrs. Haire was elected to the Anne Arundel County Council in 2018 and is running for Anne Arundel County Executive in 2022.

Dirk and Jessica Haire married in the summer of 2014.

The couple privately supported Danielle Hornberger’s executive bid.

McCarthy’s Lawsuit 

McCarthy’s lawsuit alleged that Hornberger failed to file the requisite campaign financial disclosure forms when she filed candidacy with the Cecil County Board of Elections.

The complaint asserts that Lora Walters, a Cecil County Board of Elections official at the time, directly communicated with Hornberger the day she filed her campaign disclosure documents.

But Hornberger’s documents went missing but later appeared after Hornberger spoke with Walters directly.

Lora Walters 

McCarthy’s suit alleges that Lora Walters filed Mrs. Hornberger’s financial disclosure document with Cecil County’s Department of Human Resources, the custodian of campaign-related records.

She was fired by the state Board of Elections, according to Cecil County government employees who witnessed the event.

Employees said they saw Walters leaving the local elections board on July 15 with an escort.

Lora Walters was later charged with misconduct in office, perjury, false entry in a public record, altering a public record, and corrupt or fraudulent acts in the performance of official election duties.

Walters pleaded guilty to misconduct in June 2021.

She was sentenced to three years of supervised probation before judgment.

No Comment from Hornberger, Dirk & Jessica Haire 

Danielle Hornberger and Dirk Haire did not respond to A Miner Detail‘s questions about whether Hornberger is paying the couple to represent her.

Jessica Haire did not respond to A Miner Detail‘s request for comment.