Another Frederick County Sheriff Whistleblower Comes Forward

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins Management Problem

A third whistleblower within the Frederick County Sheriff Office has come forward to reveal the dirty little secrets of the department.

Similar to the lawsuit filed by Sergeant Amanda Ensor, claims of hostile work environment, nepotism, lack of training, and harassment have been levied against Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.

Each whistleblower account has been almost identical; lack of professionalism, nepotism, and inadequate training.

Retired Deputy Stephanie Kelley’s interview can be read here.

The Whistleblower

Scott Monaco is a Special Police Officer assigned to the Courthouse Security Unit.

Special Police Officers are the ones wearing the black, not the olive green, uniforms.

While not sworn deputies, they carry firearms and provide Courthouse security.

Officer Monaco worked for decades with the New Orleans Police Department before relocating to Frederick.

Whistleblower Sends Email To County Executive Jan Gardner

Officer Monaco sent an email on July 1st, 2022 to County Executive Jan Gardner.

The full email can be read here.

Officer Monaco describes the Frederick County Sheriff – Courthouse Security Unit as a “persistent, malicious, hostile and toxic work environment.”

Frederick County Sheriff Lack of Professionalism

Officer Monaco states “I have personally witnessed, in the presence of other coworkers, the command staff mock, ridicule and embarrass other coworkers of the Unit and allow other coworkers to do the same in their presence.”

Multiple sources within the Frederick County Sheriff and Courthouse have validated such incidents.

Open ridicule from Lieutenant Jason Null was included in Sergeant Ensor’s lawsuit against Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.

Lieutenant, now Captain, Jason Null is the current Commander of the Frederick County Sheriff – Courthouse Security Unit.

Lack of Policies and Procedures

In a professional organization, such documents provide a clear roadmap for employees to take action which has been pre-approved by the chain of command.

Officer Monaco describes a lack of policies and procedures within the Courthouse Security Unit.

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and his command staff refuse to adopt clear rules governing disciplinary matters within the CSU.

Officer Monaco, currently under investigation by the department, claims that his charges are based on “violations of procedures that simply do not exist.”

Even the board which adjudicates disciplinary matters lacks any policies and procedures.

Frederick County Sheriff employees have no manner to defend themselves once brought before a Trial Board, as the rules are made up on a case-by-case basis.

In a previous interview, Detective Stephanie Kelley describes an identical issue.

On matters of Internet Crimes Against Children, Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and his command staff refused to put policies and procedures in place.

Due to the unique nature of ICAC, external assistance from State and Federal law enforcement is often required.

The Frederick County Sheriff forces ICAC to “fly by the seat of their pants,” by not having a standard method for requesting external help.

Nepotism of the Frederick County Sheriff

Officer Monaco describes a dramatic system of favorites and nepotism within Courthouse Security Unit employees.

There are two standards of behavior for Special Police Officers.

One is a strict and rigid adherence to every minor detail, as security officers should follow. Let’s call them the well-trained dogs.

The others are bound by no rules, no policies, and no procedures. Let’s call them the feral cats.

Deputy Kelley describes an incident with an individual named Michael Menday.

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins directed his employees to not charge Mr. Menday for his crimes.

Sheriff Jenkins is a long time friend of Mr, Menday’s grandfather, part of the good ole’ boys club.

Frederick County Sheriff Targets Whistleblowers

Monaco also describes a Frederick County Sheriff policy which requires all employees to address all issues with their chain of command first.

Failure to follow this policy results in disciplinary actions, such as the pending case against Officer Monaco.

Employees are allowed to contact the Frederick County Human Resources Division.

However, each complaint sent County HR has been disclosed to the employees supervisors.

Monaco claims that “These employees were later openly chastised by members of the Courthouse Security Unit for filing their grievances.”

Other whistleblowers whom have yet to go on the record cite the Frederick County Sheriff using internal affairs investigations to retaliate against employees which go to other public officials, candidates for office, or seek judicial review.

According to a source within the Courthouse, Officer Monaco regularly asserts his rights under LEOBR, which make Frederick County Sheriff Jenkins irate.

Monaco is the only Special Police Officer to make this assertion.

Frederick County Sheriff Refuses to Offer Adequate Training, Manpower, and Resources

Officer Monaco claims that the Special Police Officer’s “less lethal” certifications have lapsed or expired.

Regular training is required for TASER, pepper spray, and baton usage to ensure that the officers do not murder someone.

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins exposes the county to large civil liability for refusing proper training.

Deputy Kelley also describes a lack of resources within the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

First, the Frederick County Sheriff disapproves most requests to use State and Federal investigative resources. Such as Electronic Sniffing Dogs and manpower.

Second, ICAC is understaffed. None of the deputies work full time on the task force.

Kelley estimates that ICAC could make use of four full time employees.

Kelley recalls a visit from Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

During the visit, Rutherford asks “If you could have anything at all to make your job easier, what would it be?”

None of the deputies answered, under the watchful eye of Sheriff Jenkins.

Kelley piped up and said “Funding.”

Sheriff Jenkins turned “beet red” and pulled Kelley’s supervisor aside.

After Rutherford left, the entire chain of command berated Kelley for the cardinal sin of saying the F-word (Funding).

Retaliation for Using Family Medical Leave Act

In her lawsuit, Sergeant Amanda Ensor describes retaliation from Lieutenant Jason Null for using FMLA to recover from an injury.

Officer Monaco levies an identical claim from June 21, 2022.

While on FMLA, Officer Monaco was charged and found guilty of violating department procedures.

No hearing, due process, or compliance with the Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights, was offered from Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.

Monaco claims that the Frederick County Sheriff levied the charges in direct retaliation for:

  • “Questioning the lack of necessary standard operating procedures.”
  • “Seeking verification and understanding of certain standard practices within the Courthouse Security Unit.”
  • “Filing a complaint against a former Court Security Unit supervisor” Whistleblowing on “unfair work practices.”
  • Filing for workman’s compensation for an on-duty injury.
  • Using FMLA to extend recovery time.

Additionally, Monaco claims he was placed on administrative leave on July 29th, 2022 due to a Public Information Act request he filed on June 28th, 2022.

A Miner Detail has also been targeted by Frederick County Government as retaliation for PIA requests.

Officer Monaco has demanded a hearing before a Trial Board, which convenes at Winchester Hall on Tuesday, August 30th at 9 am.

Trial Board’s are Kangaroo Courts, hand selected by Sheriff Jenkins.

Monaco’s Trial Board members are Captain Jeff Eyler, Lieutenant Josh McFarland, and Pat Fisher of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office is represented by Kevin Karpinski, a well-known government hatchet-man.

A Miner Detail will be present for the hearing on Tuesday.

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