Hoeber on Trump: I am offended by Trump’s comments

By Ryan Miner 


After a tape was released yesterday that exposed an eleven-year-old lewd conversation between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and entertainment reporter Billy Bush, several high-ranking Republicans, including and most notably Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence and Speaker Paul Ryan, have issued strong condemnations of Trump’s remarks. And many Republicans, including the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, Sen. John McCain, have renounced their support of the embattled Republican nominee and withdrawn their endorsements.

Not that we need to rehash the tape, but here it is again for your viewing displeasure:


Without surprise, the October presidential controversy seeped its way into Maryland’s 6th Congressional District when Democratic incumbent John Delaney issued the following statement on his campaign Facebook page denouncing Trump while claiming that his Republican opponent, Amie Hoeber, is unfit to serve the 6th Congressional District because of her pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee:

At 7:57 p.m. this evening, the Hoeber campaign (actually, these are Hoeber’s words that she wrote herself) issued the following statement in response to Trump’s remarks:

Hoeber held prominent positions within the Pentagon and is a self-described women’s advocate. On her campaign website, Hoeber lists her advocacy work on behalf of women:

As one of the highest-ranking women in the Pentagon in the 1980s, I was instrumental in advancing opportunities for women in the military.

I am a co-founder and past chair of the National Women’s Political Caucus chapters in both Northern Virginia and in Los Angeles, CA, and am on the Advisory Board of Women in International Security and a member of the International Women’s Forum.

I am an active board member of the House of Ruth Maryland, one of the nation’s leading intimate partner violence centers that helps thousands of battered women and their children find the safety and security that so many of us take for granted.

I understand the pressures of being a mother while growing a successful career. I’ve lived it first hand. As a working mother and one of the first women in a leadership role at the Pentagon, I did not have a mentor who had faced the same challenges. That’s why I’ve dedicated so much time to helping and mentoring women, to make sure other women have access to a network to get the support they need to thrive.

Facing a tough election battle against her well-funded multimillionaire opponent, Rep. John Delaney, Hoeber should, in my humble opinion, follow Virginia Congresswoman Barbara Comstock’s lead and publicly call on Donald Trump to withdraw from the race.

Maryland’s highest ranking Republican official, Gov. Larry Hogan, who recently endorsed Hoeber hasn’t been shy about his opposition to his party’s Republican nominee. In fact, earlier this year on July 15, Gov. Hogan told reporters that “he doesn’t plan to vote for Donald Trump” and still hasn’t decided what to do in November.

Trump’s candidacy places Hoeber in an inescapably tough and unenviable position in this election. During the Republican primary, Hoeber pledged to support the eventual Republican nominee and has continued to uphold her end of the deal.

Much of Western Maryland is supporting Trump; nonetheless, a wide swath of Frederick and Montgomery Counties will undoubtedly vote for Hillary Clinton. Hoeber needs to win independent voters in Montgomery County to even stand a chance against beating Delaney. Trump’s recent unearthed comments, however, do not give Hoeber much of an assist in the eastern counties.

If I were advising Amie Hoeber, I would tell her to cut my losses and throw Trump to the curb.

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