Frank Howard Attacks Amie Hoeber

Howard accuses Hoeber of full abortion legalization.

Frank Howard is attacking Amie Hoeber in the 6th Congressional District race.

Mr. Howard mailed a letter to 6th District Republican absentee voters.

Frank Howard Attacks Amie Hoeber

Frank Howard accuses Hoeber of supporting Democrat Martin O’Malley over Republican Bob Ehrlich.

And he accuses Hoeber of supporting legalized abortions.

(Abortion is legal in the United States.)

“My primary Republican opponent in this election supported Martin O’Malley over Bob Ehrlich and is unabashed in her support to fully legalize abortions.”

Is Frank Howard paying Maryland Republican consultant Lawrence Scott?

Scott told Amie Hoeber that if he refused to work with him (she declined to work with Lawrence Scott), he would work for Frank Howard.

Howard’s letter is reminiscent of Lawrence Scott’s campaign attacks.

Howard Attacks Hoeber: The Facts 

Amie Hoeber donated $500.00 to Martin O’Malley’s 2010 re-election campaign.

Hoeber admitted the donation.

She explained that her donation did not equate to a vote.

Her neighbor held an event for O’Malley, and she attended the event because her neighbor asked her.

She went.

Hoeber said this when reached for comment:

“I voted for Ehrlich, of course — I ALWAYS vote the straight Republican ticket.”

Frank Howard Donates to Karen Montgomery

Mr. Howard donated $250 to former District 14 state Sen. Karen Montgomery (D) in 2007.

So why is Howard attacking Hoeber for writing a check to O’Malley?

Did Frank Howard vote for Karen Montgomery?

He won’t say.

Does Amie Hoeber support full abortion legalization?

Ms. Hoeber believes women have a fundamental right to make reproductive healthcare decisions.

She hasn’t said she supports full legalization.

Mr. Howard’s letter dings Hoeber for supporting Washington’s status quo.

“While I was doorknocking with Governor Larry Hogan, she was in Washington supporting the establishment’s status quo.”

Gov. Hogan endorsed Ms. Hoeber for Congress.

Frank Howard Maryland Senate Run

In 2014, Mr. Howard ran for the District 14 Maryland Senate seat.

Karen Montgomery defeated Frank Howard in the 2014 November general election.

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