Josh Kurtz: CD-6 Republican race boils down to Hoeber and Vogt

By Ryan Miner 


WTOP released an article on April 15 that quoted Center Maryland’s Josh Kurtz on the Republican battle in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District.

Kurtz told WTOP’s Kate Ryan:

On the GOP side, there’s a crowded field, but Kurtz says he expects the race will boil down to two people; former Deputy Undersecretary of the Army Amie Hoeber and state delegate David Vogt.

Josh Kurtz is typically spot-on with his political analysis; however, I would add an additional contender to the CD-6 Republican “who is likely to win” roster: Washington County commissioners President Terry Baker.

Baker, Hoeber and Vogt are the three candidates who’ve run the best honest-to-God, good ol’ fashioned campaigns. The three candidates and their teams have put in the effort to reach out to the grassroots, raise the money to compete and work each of their respective networks.

Baker and Vogt already have a built-in electoral base in both Frederick and Washington counties. Hoeber, however, has gone to great lengths to organically develop her own base.

Even Robin Ficker has somewhat of a base in Montgomery County, despite his thirty-plus years losing primary and general elections.

We shall see on April 26.

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