Maryland USA (a pro-Hoeber Super PAC) mailer

By Ryan Miner 

Maryland USA, the pro-Amie Hoeber Super PAC, is boosting Hoeber in the Republican CD-6 primary in a big way. The Super PAC’s mailers, TV advertisements, digital ads, etc. have helped rocket Hoeber’s candidacy to the front of the Republican primary pack, bolstering her congressional bid to win the Republican primary for a face-to-face match with the multimillionaire incumbent congressmen, John Delaney, in a November general election.

Yesterday we received a mailer from Maryland USA that highlights Amie Hoeber’s leadership while serving under Presiden Reagan at the Pentagon as well as her extensive experience in national security.

Side 1:

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Side 2:


The Republican who emerges from the Republican CD-6 primary will obviously require a variety of resources to win a general election against John Delaney.

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