Amie Hoeber Super PAC mailing barrage against John Delaney

By Ryan Miner 

If you’re a Republican voter living in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District, then your mailboxes have probably been stuffed this past week with campaign mailers from Maryland USA – a federal Super PAC supporting Amie Hoeber’s congressional bid.

Maryland USA helped prop up Hoeber’s candidacy during the Republican primary and is now launching an onslaught against her Democratic incumbent opponent, Representative John Delaney.

See the campaign mailers below:

Mailer 1, Side 1: 


Mailer 1, Side 2: 


Mailer 2, Side 1: 


Mailer 2, Side 2:


Mailer 3, Side 1:


Mailer 3, Side 2:


Mailer 4, Side 1:


Mailer 4, Side 2:


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