The sexual harassment swamp that is Washington County

Matt Lauer was the most powerful on-air talent at NBC news and perhaps the most powerful on-air media figure in America for the last few decades.

He was fired today by NBC executives over sexual harassment allegations.

Yet in Washington County, Md., a mounting preponderance of evidence undoubtedly shows that a male Washington County commissioner sexually harassed a female County employee.

The evidence is so strong against said commissioner that two of his male colleagues on the commissioner board conceded and acknowledged that he violated County policy.

Instead of calling for the commissioner’s immediate resignation, the leader of the Board of County Commissioners – the president – was quoted telling the local newspaper, “They said it was just a one-time incident, never happened before and never happened since.”

Under duress to protect one of the good ol’ boys, the Commissioners President did nothing and said nothing; he retracted his head underneath his turtle shell, leaving the female employee without any support.

Some “man” he is. Some leadership.

The female County official who was subjected to unwanted sexual advances by said county commissioner used all the proper channels to file a legitimate sexual harassment complaint but was told to back off by a longtime female County staffer because, wait for it, the male commissioner in question is “a powerful man.”

In Washington County, Md., the good ol’ boys have their protectors. Even some women work in overdrive to guard those ol’ boys.

Ultimately, the female County employee resigned her position because her work conditions became too unbearable.

The victim, once again, took the fall.

And what has happened?


The commissioner has not resigned. He has not apologized. He has not shown any contrition. He hides behind lawyers. He is protected by the good ol’ boys network.

Want to get rid of the swamp in Washington County?

Do something. Stand up. Speak out. Make your voices heard.

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