The Nepotism of the Frederick County Courts

By Eric Beasley

Nepotism – “favoritism (as in appointment to a job) based on kinship.”

A Miner Detail spent the last year investigating the conduct of the Maryland’s judiciary system.

State’s Attorney Charlie Smith tipped off A Miner Detail off issues with criminal sentencing by the Frederick County Courts at least ten months ago.

A Miner Detail Editor in Chief Ryan Miner and I received Facebook friend requests this year from Devon Rolle, between May 22nd and August 5th.

Rolle is the daughter of Judge Scott Rolle.

She works for Frederick County Circuit Court Judge Theresa “Terry” Adams. Adams has sentenced pedophiles and child rapists to minimal/no jail time.

Adams has already initiated a police investigation against A Miner Detail for its coverage of her criminal sentencing.

Why would she order her clerk – the daughter of another Frederick County judge – to stalk and monitor the activities of multimedia online news site?

Maryland Court of Appeals has guidelines against nepotism.

From an order dated October 3rd, 1996:

Limitations on Relationships.
a. Relatives who meet established requirements for job vacancies based on their qualifications and performance are not ineligible for Judiciary employment, except that, subject to subsection c of this Section:
(iii) A relative of the clerk of a court or of any active judge of that court is ineligible for employment in the same office as the clerk

As with most court rulings, the government left a loophole: the clerk of the court cannot employ Devon Rolle, but she can be employed by her father’s judicial chambers’ neighbor, whom he is on a first nickname basis with.

If you believe that this situation is based on nepotism and gives an appearance of impropriety, you are entitled to fill out this form and mail it to the Frederick County Commission on Judicial Disabilities.

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