Jan Gardner Peace Order Dismissed Against Shaun Porter [2021]

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Jan Gardner dropped the peace order she filed against Shaun Porter on Feb. 11, 2022.

A Miner Detail was on-site at the Frederick County District Court in March 2021 for the temporary peace order hearing between Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner (D) and Frederick County resident Shaun Porter.

County Executive Gardner filed a peace order against Mr. Porter over his protesting in front of her Frederick home.

The Frederick County assistant county attorney, Byron Black, requested a District Court judge dismiss the peace order.

A District Court judge subsequently ruled to dismiss Gardner’s peace order against Porter.

Was Mr. Black’s entered attorney appearance representative of the County?

Were Frederick County taxpayer dollars expended to resolve a legal matter between a private citizen and the county executive? 

Mr. Black did not answer questions when the hearing concluded, nor did he identify as a Frederick County employee.

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