David Trone making moves to run for governor in 2022, sources say

Maryland Rep. David J. Trone (D-Md.)

Sources close to U.S. Rep. David J. Trone (D-Md.) say the first-term congressman is taking a hard look at running for governor in 2022.

Trone announced in January that he’d seek re-election in the 6th District.

Should Trone enter what will likely become a crowded Democratic gubernatorial primary, he may choose to self-finance his campaign.

The Total Wine & More co-owner spent nearly $30 million on two congressional races. Trone was defeated by Jamie Raskin, a state senator at the time, in the 2016 8th District Democratic primary.

Trone handily defeated Republican Amie Hoeber in the November general election, earning upwards of 60 percent of the vote.

Hannah Muldavin, Trone’s campaign spokeswoman, neither confirmed nor denied rumors suggesting Trone is running for governor.

“Right now, he’s focused on re-election and tackling the opioid epidemic, and reforming the criminal justice system,” Muldavin told A Miner Detail.

Trone faces political newcomer Maxwell A. Bero in the spring primary.

Trone meets with former AA Couty Exec. Laura Neuman

Mr. Trone recently met with former Anne Arundel County Executive Laura Neuman. If Trone runs for governor, Neuman could make her way onto a running mate shortlist.

Neuman was appointed county executive in December 2013 by Anne Arundel’s County Council soon after John Leopold resigned from office following a criminal conviction.

Steve Schuh defeated Neuman in bitter Republican primary in 2014 and went on to win the November election later that year.

Schuh unsuccessfully ran for re-election in 2018 but was defeated in the general election by Democrat Steuart Pittman.

Unsurprisingly, Neuman endorsed Pittman over Schuh.

Neuman says no talk of gubernatorial ticket with Trone

Ms. Neuman has since changed her voter registration and is no longer a registered Maryland Republican.

When asked to comment about her meeting with Trone, Neuman texted A Miner Detail, “It was a pleasure to meet Congressman Trone recently.”

She and Trone did not discuss teaming up in 2022 for a gubernatorial ticket, Neuman said.

“We covered a range of issues in our discussion, but that [a gubernatorial ticket] wasn’t one of them.”

Muldavin confirmed Trone’s meeting with Neuman but reiterated that Trone “didn’t say anything about a future governor’s race to her.”

“He is focused on helping his constituents in the 6th District which, as you mentioned, Western Maryland, that maybe have been left behind in the past. That is really his focus,” Muldavin said.

Franchot running, but can he compete with big money? 

Maryland Comptroller Peter V. R. Franchot (D) announced in January that he is running for governor, the first candidate of the two major political parties to declare their gubernatorial ambitions publicly.

Franchot is self-described fiscal moderate and social progressive with a tenuous and sometimes combative relationship with Maryland Democrats serving in the General Assembly.

Should Trone wade into gubernatorial politics, Franchot may find himself struggling to compete with Trone’s massive personal wealth, despite having banked $1.6 million.

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