Is Peter Franchot Too Conservative For Maryland Democrats? [2022]

Paul Pinsky asks if Peter Franchot is too conservative

Is Peter Franchot too conservative for Maryland Democrats?

Maryland state Sen. Paul Pinsky of Prince George’s County thinks Peter Franchot is too conservative.

In August 2019, Pinsky was a featured guest on The Kojo Nnamdi Show’s The Politics Hour.

The Kojo Nnamdi Show aired its final episode on April 1, 2021.

Nnamdi and journalist Tom Sherwood talked with Pinsky about the following topics:

Sherwood then turned the discussion to Peter Franchot.

Paul Pinsky On Peter Franchot Running for Governor 

Sherwood put Paul Pinsky on the spot when he asked Pinsky what he thought about Peter Franchot running for governor in 2022.

“Well, this gets back to Kojo’s question: Ocean City, changing the calendar. That clearly was an issue of pandering,” Pinsky said, referring to Franchot’s position on opening Maryland schools after Labor Day.

“It was pandering by the current governor and by the comptroller.”

“And I think we shouldn’t have people who choose to pander to get elected,” Pinsky said.

Pinsky sponsored a bill during the 2019 legislative session to allow Maryland school districts to control their school calendars.

The Maryland General Assembly passed Pinsky’s bill that year.

Mr. Hogan vetoed the legislation.

And The General Assembly overrode Hogan’s veto.

Peter Franchot is one of Larry Hogan’s most critical political allies and has supported Hogan on numerous policy items during Hogan’s seven-plus years as Maryland governor.

Mr. Franchot campaigned alongside Larry Hogan to

Is Peter Franchot Too Conservative For Democratic Primary Voters?

Progressive Paul Pinsky thinks so.

He said he’s very different ideologically from Peter Franchot, a political moderate.

Pinsky said Peter Franchot is “very conservative.”

“He’s been close to the banks.”

During the same interview, Pinsky ruled out running for Maryland governor himself.

But Pinsky said he wants to see someone else run as from Franchot.

Mr. Pinsky is a stalwart Maryland progressive.

Who does Pinsky want to see run?

“Someone who is going to enunciate a progressive vision for the state, social justice, economic justice, and fairness for the working middle-income people of our state,” he said.

Is Franchot Too Close With Big Banks?

Once again, Paul Pinsky thinks so.

Pinsky then turned the conversation to what he believes is Peter Franchot’s cozy relationship with big banks.

“He [Peter Franchot] sided with the banks,” Pinsky said.

Len Foxwell, Mr. Franchot’s former longtime loyal aide, had a few thoughts about Pinksy’s 2019 radio comments.

“Paul knows better because they’ve been friends for close to 30 years,” Foxwell said.

“He knows that Peter is a fiscal moderate who is rather liberal on social issues. Peter has been a strong, consistent defender of consumers from predatory lenders, fraudulent tax preparers, and identity thieves.”

Foxwell, a notable baseball fan, whipped out a baseball reference.

“In one crucial respect, the Annapolis Machine is similar to a good baseball team – in that both keep situational lefties in the bullpen,” Foxwell wrote on Facebook.

Mr. Foxwell is a consultant for Rushern Baker’s 2022 gubernatorial campaign.

Is Peter Franchot Too Conservative? 

Mr. Franchot finally responded to Pinsky’s comments.

“I like Paul, and I always have,” the comptroller said.

“It’s really disappointing that he feels like these tactics are necessary in order to run for Senate President – but I’m not surprised.”

Mr. Pinsky did not run for Maryland Senate president in 2019.

Paul Pinsky’s Maryland Political Career 

Paul Pinsky was first elected to the Maryland Senate in 1995.

He was appointed to the state Senate in 1994 and was sworn in during the summer months that year.

Mr. Pinsky was elected to the Maryland House of Delegates in 1986.

Who else was elected to the House in 1986?

Peter Franchot, the former raging progressive from Takoma Park’s District 20.

As of May 2022, polls show Peter Franchot leading the Maryland Democratic gubernatorial primary contest.

The question remains: Do Maryland Democratic primary voters believe Peter Franchot is too conservative?

Marylander voters decide their gubernatorial candidates on July 19.

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