Is Peter Franchot the Democratic frontrunner for governor?

This is a photograph of Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot.

Peter Franchot is leading the Maryland governor’s race.

That’s right, Peter Franchot is unquestionable Maryland’s Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner.

The next governor of Maryland is no longer a mystery.

How do we know?

Look no further than Mr. Franchot’s Aug. 31 email blast for evidence.

Peter Franchot Democratic frontrunner

There it is.

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot is the frontrunner for governor amid the all-male Democratic field.

His own campaign email blast says so.

Franchot calls himself the Democratic frontrunner

It’s a bold strategy, Cotton.

Let’s see if it pays off for them.

Peter Franchot’s campaign team really did authorize this email blast 

Whom among Mr. Franchot’s all-star campaign team said, “Let’s go ahead and publicly anoint our guy Peter as the Democratic frontrunner in August 2021?”

Maybe if Maryland Democrats say it enough, they, too, will come to believe that Peter Franchot is the “frontrunner” to become the next Maryland governor.

Is that really Franchot’s campaign strategy?

Incidentally, A Miner Detail could never compete with the gaggle of intellectual giants over at the Tidemore Group running Mr. Franchot’s gubernatorial operation.

No, Tidemore’s Ben Squared could never be out-strategized or out-maneuvered.

Though you do have to wonder.

What if Len Foxwell, Mr. Franchot’s former chief of staff and campaign operator, was still in charge of saving Peter Franchot from himself?

Would Len Foxwell have authorized the release of an email blast, almost a year before the Democratic primary, self-anointing Peter Franchot as “the frontrunner in the Democratic field?”

You would have to ask Len Foxwell.

Mr. Foxwell is arguably the sole individual responsible for creating and cultivating Franchot’s successful political brand over the last 16 years.

Although, Foxwell’s political talents could never compete with the Washington state rug doctor that Peter Franchot routinely cozies up to and relies on for on-the-ground political advice.

This Maryland politics blog looks forward to Mr. Franchot’s in-kind expense line-item tab on his January 2022 campaign finance report.

Astute followers of Maryland politics already know that Foxwell would never have authorized the release of such an amateur and arrogant email blast this early on in a competitive Democratic primary race.

In fact, Foxwell ran Franchot’s [four] successful statewide campaigns as if Peter Franchot was down 10 points – yes, even against Anjali Reed Phukan.

So, is Peter Franchot really the Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner in Maryland governor’s race? 

Peter Franchot is [a] frontrunner in Maryland’s Democratic gubernatorial race.

But he’s not [the] frontrunner.

And why would he want such a distinction this early on in the race? If you’re the frontrunner in a long-slog campaign, where else is there to go?


Mr. Franchot has raised a lot of money – more money than any of his Democratic challengers, and he’s earned over 110 endorsements from former and current Maryland elected officials.

Moreover, Peter Franchot has built an impressive statewide following of Democrats, Republicans and Unaffiliated voters.

Mr. Franchot though must still contend with the growing buzz around Baltimore’s Wes Moore, whose impressive public profile is steadily rising and whose personal story is resonating far beyond Maryland’s borders.

Then there’s former Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker, former D.N.C Chair Tom Perez, and former Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler.

These men could easily jump to front of the herd at any time.

But anything could happen between now and June 28, 2022.

Mr. Franchot would be wise to read his email blasts before the two Bens hit the send button.

Self-awareness doesn’t cost a dime.

Then again, those Tidemore’s monthly invoices must be expensive.

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