Around the water cooler – Montgomery County edition

A Miner Detail is traversing all over Montgomery County, bumping elbows with political insiders, candidates, Council members, congressional candidates, activists, you name it.

Here’s the latest bit-for-bit buzz around the County:

  • Will Majority Leader Bill Frick drop his CD-6 bid and run for County Executive? Everybody and anybody who is politically connected in Montgomery County is asking the same question. Frick, however, is still full speed ahead with his congressional bid, and he hasn’t gone on the record with any media outlet to confirm or deny the rumor
  • Is David Trone attempting to recruit another female candidate to join the CD-6 race to split the vote with Aruna Miller? The Trone buzz is consuming most conversations I am having with connected Montgomery County politicos. Of course, Trone’s campaign manager, Rich Parsons, who I cannot get on the horn to save my life, is either ignoring my emails, Facebook messages, text messages and flat-out refuses to speak with me, or Trone’s campaign is sending me the message that A Miner Detail has been expelled from Total Trone & More’s good graces. Either way, I’ll continue to cover Trone’s campaign with integrity and tenacity.
  • Wealthy health-services entrepreneur David T. Blair is expected to join the Montgomery County Executive race? When? Does he intend to take public financing? Who does Blair hurt the most?

That’s the buzz around the water cooler – for now.

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