Dear Candidates

Dear Candidates,

Your campaign website is your best resource to enumerate your policy platforms and share your digital resumes. Over the years I have visited my fair share great, good, bad and laughable candidate websites. I won’t name any names, but there is a correlation between bad websites and losing candidates.

(Also, if you are able to walk in a parade and you choose instead to ride in a car, well, then, that’s just bad optics. Get your ass out of the car and start walking. You’re not earning any votes in the back seat of your Mercedes convertible. Speaking of which, candidates riding in fancy, expensive cars during parades will be relentlessly mocked – probably in private; maybe in public. )

The best campaign websites are those most friendly to journalists, bloggers and inquiring minds.

We (the aforementioned members of the media who aren’t fake news) wish to know who is managing your campaign or, at the very least, the person in charge. Maybe it’s none of our business, true, but it’s nevertheless important when we’re writing or reporting on your candidacies.

It is imperative we know who to contact when we quickly need an on-the-record comment. We need to know who your press person is and how to quickly reach her or him.

It is my recommendation that you create a section of your website that includes the contact information for your top staffers. You might even want to include their photographs next to their contact information. That way, when all hell breaks loose, we know just who to avoid.

This small but important courtesy goes a long way.

Yours truly,

Perpetually grumpy Ryan Miner

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