Trone: “This election will be decided by Western Pennsylvania”

Businessman David Trone

Millionaire liquor retailer David J. Trone, a Democrat running to replace John Delaney in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District, concluded his Western Maryland Democratic Summit speech on Saturday in an apparent gaffe, telling audience members gathered,

“This election will be decided, I believe, by Western Pennsylvania. I’m asking for your support.”

The annual Western Maryland Democratic Summit drew more than 300 people to the Rocky Gap Casino in Allegany County last Friday and Saturday.

Trone’s gaffe can be heard beginning around 2:07.

Trone, a Potomac resident who resides in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District, is no stranger to Western Pennslyvania.

According to Trone’s Wikipedia page, he began his career in the alcohol business opening a “beer-only retailer, Beer World, in Pennsylvania in 1984.” Shortly before graduating from Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business in 1985, Trone expanded his business into the Pittsburgh region.

Despite multiple legal challenges and three arrests, Trone and his brother, Robert, eventually grew Total Wine & More into the largest privately-owned wine, beer and spirits retailer in the United States. Trone stepped down as president of the business in December 2016.

Last Saturday wasn’t Trone’s first gaffe on the campaign trail.

During his campaign kickoff last August at Montgomery County’s Smokey Glen Farm, Trone referred to Smithsburg, Maryland incorrectly as “Smitsboro.”

At about 1:39 into the video (below), Trone told the gathered audience that he “went over to Hagerstown” followed by asking the group, “How about Smithboro? Anybody like Smithboro?”

At the end of the summit, the straw poll results were announced: Trone lost to state Del. Aruna Miller (D-Darnestown) by 64 votes (140, Miller; 76, Trone).

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