Washington County government has a few leakers

Washington County government is leaking

Somebody on the inside of Washington County leaked confidential information.

Who was it?

Terry Baker

For starters, Washington County Commissioner Terry Baker (R) is said to have leaked information from a confidential county investigation.

Mr. Baker is accused of leaking information about a sexual harassment suit Sarah Sprecher filed against former Washington County Commissioner LeRoy Myers (R)

Sarah Sprecher previously served as Washington County’s assistant county administrator.

In October. 2017, Herald-Mail Media requested from the county a copy of the sexual harassment report’s findings.

County officials denied the Herald-Mail Media’s request.

Washington County government spent thousands of dollars investigating Sprecher’s allegations and internal leaks.

Jeff Cline source of the leaks 

Washington County Commissioner Jeff Cline (R) is the source of the leak, Herald-Mail Media reported in October 2017.

Sprecher’s attorney, Elias G. Saboura, questioned how officials determined there was a leak “given that the legal notice of claim served to the county about Sprecher’s complaint was a ‘statutory document’ and a ‘public record,'” according to Herald-Mail Media’s report.

Mr. Cline did not respond to a request for comment.

Cline is the only leaker in county government 

“The report states that Commissioner Myers admitted that he kissed Sarah Sprecher, and that is defined in the policy as harassment – touching of any body area, intimate or nonintimate. The county’s released statement on Commissioner Myers is false,” a county government source told A Miner Detail.

“They are sending out releases that say the policy is too strict on sexual harassment and everyone needs training. Another source said that the ethics board is transparent and nothing for someone who did nothing “unlawful,” another source said.

If Washington County’s government is saying everyone needs training and includes LeRoy by name, couldn’t one infer that something was indeed in the report? I guess if the policy isn’t as strict, then people can’t violate it,” the source asked.

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