Is State’s Attorney Charlie Smith Playing Politics with Prosecutions

Frederick County State's Attorney Charlie Smith

Has Frederick County State’s Attorney Charlie Smith chosen to eliminate all appearances of impartiality and fairness to score political points?

As reported by the Frederick News-Post, Chelsea Kadish was indicted in September for child abuse.

Ms. Kadish is a long-time ally of Frederick County Executive Jessica Fitzwater (D) and her current chief of staff.

Kadish previously worked as an attorney for Cordell and Cordell and clerked for Frederick County Circuit Court Judges William Nicklas and Richard Sandy.

Did Charlie Smith pursue criminal indictment for Chelsea Kadish as political retaliation while ignoring countless abuse victims?

And did Mr. Smith ignore credible abuse reports because the persecution would not be politically advantageous?

Carroll Manor Elementary School

In May 2020, A Miner Detail reported on allegations of child abuse at Carroll Manor Elementary School.

This publication followed up with multiple sources from Chad Steiner’s classroom, which went on the record.

Many sources formally reported to the Department of Social Services and law enforcement.

How many indictments were issued?


The whistleblowers who spoke to A Miner Detail in May 2020 offered similar allegations to those in the Kadish indictment.

Kadish allegedly left scratches on her stepchild’s body on two separate occasions.

The stepchild reported the incident.

Steiner allegedly slapped, grabbed, and kicked the students between January 9th, 2017, and June 6, 2017, on six separate occasions.

Nancy Hawker is a long-time Frederick County Public Schools employee.

She reported the incident to social services, FCPS, and the media.

Which allegations do you find most credible, and did Charlie Smith choose not to believe Nancy Hawker’s allegations?

Department of Justice Report on Seclusion and Restraint at Frederick County Public Schools

Remember the Frederick County Public Schools settlement with the Department of Justice last year for child abuse, which led to the resignation of FCPS Superintendent Theresa Alban?

The Justice Department report found that Frederick County Public Schools restrained students with special needs and issued a press release stating, “The department’s investigation found that the school district unnecessarily and repeatedly secluded and restrained students as young as five years old.”

Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division [find a link to her bio and link to it using her first and last name as the anchor text] wrote, “The district’s unlawful use of seclusion and restraint did not help students; it led to heightened distress and denied them access to a safe and positive learning environment.”

How many Frederick County Public Schools employees were indicted for “unlawful” seclusion and restraint?

What consequences did former Superintendent Dr. Alban face?

An $800,000 payout for the early termination of her contract.

As the old saying goes, “The district attorney could get the grand jury to indict a ham sandwich if he wanted to.”

If a ham sandwich could be indicted for child abuse, why can’t State’s Attorney Charlie Smith indict a single FCPS employee that unlawfully secluded and restrained kindergartners?

Antifa protests Alderwoman Kelly Russell.

In December 2021, an Antifa-affiliated group took to the streets of the City of Frederick.

A Miner Detail’s Eric Beasley was on hand during the 2+ hour protest and captured the entire event on video.

The protesters said, “we got the guillotine, heads are gonna roll,” and burned flags in the street. Is that protected free speech?

Can you protest at the home of a public official?


Can you protest between 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.?


Can you block traffic while doing so?


Can you start a fire in the middle of a public road?


How many Antifa protesters were arrested that night?


The Frederick Police Department made no arrests, based on orders from Chief Jason Lando.

Did State’s Attorney Charlie Smith indict any protesters for threatening arson and beheadings of public officials?


Has Charlie Smith indicted other protesters for less?

Does State’s Attorney Charlie Smith pursue criminals or political points?

What makes the abuse allegations against Chelsea Kadish different from those against Chad Steiner?

Kadish works for the newly elected County Executive, a Democrat.

A Democrat who campaigned on making systemic changes to the good ol’ boy network in our County.

Throughout the Frederick County Democratic primary, county executive Jessica Fitzwater campaigned against Chuck Jenkins and called him a racist.

Is County Executive Fitzwater now a threat to Frederick County’s power structure?

Has State’s Attorney Charlie Smith become the new political hatchet man of Frederick County?

But more importantly, is this the first time that Smith has used his discretionary powers of criminal charges for political purposes?

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