Frederick County Judiciary Targets A Miner Detail for Political and Satirical Speech

Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins

Editors’ note: A Miner Detail Deputy Editor Eric Beasley is set to publish a series of stories about a dossier targeting him in the coming weeks. This is Part 3 of the series. Part 1 and Part 2 are available here. 

Frederick County Circuit Court Associate Judge Theresa M. Adams, in conjunction with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office, assembled a report – an informational dossier – targeting A Miner Detail Deputy Editor Eric Beasley, his personal friends, and associates.

Beasley published a series of editorials critical of Adams’ judicial record before Frederick County’s 2020 elections.

Adams and Frederick County Magistrate Joanmarie Brubaker – aka Joanie Raymond – received regular updates about the dossier from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Department.

Amanda Ensor 

Frederick County Police Sergeant Amanda Ensor pulled several images from Beasley’s personal Facebook to include in the dossier.

Ensor included many subjective insinuations about Beasley and highlighted his divorce proceedings. It is unclear if the thoughts came from Judge Theresa Adams or Sergeant Ensor. Subsequently, the Frederick County Courthouse forcibly removed Judge Theresa Adams from Beasley’s divorce proceedings in April 2020.

Beasley’s Posts 

Most images below come from Ensor’s dossier. However, due to formatting, some images were re-captured.

Both Ensor and Adams subjectively characterized Beasley’s social media posts as “alarming, threatening, or unstable.”


On January 3rd, 2020, an Iranian general was killed in a drone strike.

Former Frederick County Council at-large candidate Danny Farrar published the following Facebook post, which Mr. Beasley shared on his Facebook feed.

The quote refers to the song “Count Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums” by A Perfect Circle.

The band’s lead vocalist Maynard James Kennan expresses anti-war views in his music.

Same as Farrar and Beasley, Kennan is a military veteran.

“It’s Satire”

Mr. Beasley in a separate Facebook post published a joke about the Forest Resource Ordinance.

The joke seemingly triggered an announcement from the Facebook satire page The Hagerstown Report.

The post below was included in the dossier.

“Abolish the Government”

The U.S. Senate began impeachment hearings into former President Donald J. Trump’s conduct while in office in September 2019.

Ensor also included the following Facebook post, related to Trump’s impeachment hearings, in the dossier she assembled.

Like Mary Posey, both Lisa Newcomer and William Warren have been declared witnesses in a civil case involving Mr. Beasley.

Gov. Larry Hogan’s Legislative Package

Maryland governors annually submit budget legislation to the Maryland General Assembly.

In 2020, the legislative package included significant Judicial reform. Part of the legislation required Maryland Judiciary Case Search to display a judge’s name.

A Miner Detail’s editorial team wrote and published this article. 

Eric Beasley Administrator

Eric is a former officer in the Republican Club of Frederick County and Frederick County Republican Central Committee between 2015 and 2018. Former guest host on WFMD and showrunner on WTHU. Avid gardener and food preserver. Graduated from Libertarianism to Anarchism as the corruption level in the state requires us to start over from scratch. 

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