Roscoe Bartlett: I think Amie [Hoeber] is a very credible candidate

By Ryan Miner 


Surrounded by a sizable audience at the famous Buckeystown Pub in Frederick County, Roscoe Bartlett – the longtime conservative Republican who represented Western Maryland’s 6th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives – spoke endearingly about Republican Amie Hoeber and her bid to reclaim the congressional seat he held for twenty years.

The former Congressman and his wife, Ellen, appeared last evening at a meet and greet event hosted by the Hoeber campaign.

Bartlett spoke extemporaneously and offered the crowd two personal anecdotes in an expression of gratitude for Hoeber’s bid for Congress. Bartlett went on to talk about the importance of fielding a credible candidate, stating emphatically that he thinks “Amie is a very credible candidate” for the 6th congressional district.

Bartlett, however, did NOT officially endorse Hoeber.

Here’s the video I captured from Hoeber’s event:

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  1. After Congressman Bartlett lost to Congressman John Delaney, has Roscoe ever attended an event for a congressional candidate in Maryland District 6 before showing up for Amie Hoeber?

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