Radical Left – Frederick County Edition

The Radical Left of Frederick County seems to have disappeared out of the public view.

The last time the far left made an appearance, they demanded that Alderwoman Kelly Russel make them a sandwich, while protesting at her private residence at 7pm. Where’s that indictment, Charlie Smith?

Anyways, I wanted to find out where these radicals are hiding.

So I set out to find them.

Where in the World is the Radical Left?

Social media becomes more siloed every day.

We defriend people over politics, move to a new platform because our last one is hostile to our beliefs, and nothing ever changes.

I already knew that Reddit had a younger user base. Generally hostile to anyone right of Stalin.

While the comments on Frederick Reddit were the standard leftist talking points, none of it is especially radical.

Of all places, I had to go into a Frederick County, MD Discord server linked on that Subreddit.

Now let me tell you, this is the rock that the Radical Left chose to hide under.

The Lurking

I mostly lurked and just read the comments at first. Mostly to identify if there was any diversity of thought.

I was able to identify the communists and the violent communists.

The entire Discord was overjoyed about the indictment of Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.

Of course, not a single person uses their real name, a real picture of themselves, or provides any identifying information.

There seems to be some connection with the local Democratic Socialists of America chapter.

A few from the Discord server claimed to have attended a local DSA meeting. Some DSA recruitment occurred as well.

It did not seem like both groups got along well.

Political activity

While a clear ideological claim was made, not a single person on the Discord had run for office.

None of them had volunteered for a campaign. None seemed to be able to donate funds to a campaign.

Not a single one understood politics in any meaningful way.

But even worse, none had the most basic understanding of the government process.

Even a simple conversation about how politicians do not solve wedge issues because they are convenient for fundraising was met with blank stares.

Representative Jeff Jackson recently made a TikTok about this politician-fueled outrage machine.

“Unorganized” and “Ignorant” are the best words to describe the radical left of Frederick County concerning politics.

None of these people will ever be able to assume office, support of volunteer for a candidate, or make any of their ideas into laws.

Radical Left Political Beliefs

What does the radical left of Frederick County believe as far as the role of government?

The same as any other person who cannot count.

We should all get basic healthcare, protection, food, water, housing, and even income no matter what.

Time for a little math. How much would all of that cost, on average, here in Frederick County?

The ALICE report for Frederick County, sponsored by the United Way, would be a decent place to start here.

A single adult needs to make $35K and a 4 person household needs $82K for basic needs, according to the report.

We can see tax data for the the most recent released year (2020) shows how unrealistic these ideas are.

If the United States imposed a 100% tax rate for every person that earned more than $42,184 per year (the top 50% of income earners), each person could receive $34,009 per year in government benefits. Let me show my work:

Top 50% total income ($11,257,092,000,000) divided by US population (331,000,000) = $34,009

Additionally, most of the Discord participants advocating for this also claim to have some sort of disability which prevents them from working.

The standard “eat the rich” rhetoric also applies here.

The US Government should just seize all of musk's assets and tell him to fuck off. We've paid enough for his shit already

Now say the same thing about George Soros or Michael Bloomberg.

There’s also a hilarious talking point here about Democrats stealing from an African American and restarting slavery, but I’ll leave those details to your imagination.

Radical Left – Government Solves Everything

Despite the constant admonishment from the radical left, government is both the bane of their existence and the solution to everything.

In one sentence, they complain about Reagan Tax Cuts and how the rich need to pay their fair share.

Then in the next sentence, they don’t care that the politicians they support accept campaign contributions and lobbying from those 1%ers to keep their tax rate low.

They ignore the Democrat Supermajority in 2009 and make excuses for the Democrats not passing meaningful reform.

At one point I started a debate on the Fair Tax as a solution.

That way, there would be no special loopholes. Everyone pays their taxes when they buy non-essential items.

This idea still was not good enough? Why?

Because it did not expand the power and influence of government.

You know, the same government that created this income disparity through cronyism.

Air Conditioning

The Radical Left cannot get out of it’s own rhetorical way sometimes.

There have been a rash of articles concerning the Texas prison system not having air conditioning. Let’s check in to see what the Frederick County Radical Left thinks about that:

Texas prisons and Baltimore schools do not have air conditioning

It is not about outrage over air conditioning, it’s merely an excuse to be mad about an issue.

The Frederick County Radical Left d0es not care about Baltimore City schools not having air conditioning for decades.

Because Republicans are not in charge there. Those kids in Baltimore are not a convenient talking point to direct their ire.

Instead, they would rather rage about Red Texas not having air conditioners and not Democrat-ran Baltimore not having air conditioning.

It was Republican Larry Hogan and Democrat Peter Franchot that led the charge to resolve the school conditioning problem.

Radical Left Calls for Violence and Civil War

We have all seen this one.

Every Republican, Conservative, or person right of Stalin is a fascist or nazi.

But let’s break this down.

The first erroneous claim is that these so-called fascists are trying to “eliminate” the liberals.

If this is the goal of the Right, they have done a terrible job at it. Especially here in Frederick County.

Far from “eliminating,” we have imported them from Montgomery County to buy $700K McMansions on top of our farmland.

We also have the usual “civil war” rhetoric.

This same person goes on to triple-down on their civil war rhetoric, which kept reminding me of Orson Scott Card’s Empire series.

There will be no civil war in the United States.

My sources? COINTELPRO, McCarthyism, MOVE Bombing in Philadelphia, Rodney King Riots, Ruby Ridge, Waco Siege, Drone assassinations of American Citizens, Black Lives Matter, and January 6th.

Every time the US government is weaponized against it’s citizens, the US Military intervenes to quell civil unrest. The “revolution” ends as quickly as it began.

Notice that I said civil unrest, not Republican unrest or Democrat unrest. The Military is a bipartisan silencer of dissent.

Trans Genocide

This claim repeated quite often.

The Frederick County Radical Left believes that Republican lawmakers are following the Nazi playbook circa 1933.

Passing laws concerning the trans community is being compared to embroidered stars on clothing.

Sadly there was no real defense of this talking point.

It was all rhetorical flourishes, “But Republicans are passing 431 laws to ERASE TRANS PEOPLE.”

I reviewed a subset of these laws. None of them are starting a genocide.

There were significant laws on this list regarding gender transitioning medical care for minors, such as puberty blockers, hormones, and surgery.

Other proposed laws concerned drag shows being designated as adult-only entertainment and regulated like a strip club.

My response went something like “if the government did not have no much power over us, they would not be able to pass these kind of laws. But you gave the government all this power and now you do not like how the other side uses it. Take away the governments power to enact stupid laws and this would not be a problem, ever again.”

That, somehow, was me supporting the Trans Genocide. A laughable statement at best.

Final Thoughts

The Radical Left of Frederick County is:

  • Completely disorganized.
  • Lacks the political comprehension required to be politically engaged, whether recruiting a candidate or volunteering for a candidate.
  • Does not have the logical consistency to form a comprehensible political platform that the average voter can agree with.
  • Cannot fund a campaign, as most of them claim to have a disability and likely have limited incomes.
  • Presents no threat to the current political structure and will not be able to recruit enough voters to impose significant changes.
  • Have not been able to organize a protest for 1.5 years.

At least they were moderately entertaining for the last 9 months.

Guess I’ll be stuck making TikToks of my four broody hens and adopted Crow family instead of reading their toddler-level talking points.

About the Author

Eric Beasley
After a year fighting bears and chopping wood in the forest, a Cancer has emerged in Frederick County. The only way to kill Cancer is with fire, and casting a ballot.