Frederick County Conservative Club Defends Heath Barnes

In a Facebook thread that no person had on their 2023 bingo cards, the Frederick County Conservative Club defends Heath Barnes from the far-far-right.

Why This Matters

A frequent attack upon Republicans, and specifically any group which styles themselves a Conservative, is that they are homophobic.

It happens every election. The Republican or Conservative candidate gets a moniker, implying that they would commit violent atrocities against members of the LBGTQ community.

You know, something like calling them the “Hate Slate.”

The political talking point is never true.

You want to know the dirtiest little secret in Republican circles?

They do not hate the LBGTQ community.

A lot of their kids are LBGTQ.

The people who run their campaigns? Also LBGTQ.

Their extended family members? Same.

And of course, some of them are also LBGTQ, often times living in the closet for now.

Let me show you how these Conservatives deal with the real “Hate Slates” and the actual far-right.

Frankly, I could not be happier with how they took out this trash.

First Post

The thread started with an organization called the “Anne Arundel County Conservative Coalition.”

The org shared a post from Woodsboro Burgess Heath Barnes, who recently declared his candidacy for CD 6.

The AACCC states “There we go….. “Log Cabin Republican” groomers have bigger plans than just infiltrating the MDGOP!!!”


Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that Heath Barnes is the last person to accuse of being a groomer.

Quite the opposite, Heath Barnes has been outspoken on this issue and covered by the local media.

Queue the Conservative Mob that knows Barnes and comes to his defense.

The Defenders

Cindy Rose

Let’s start with the bane of the Frederick County Left, my dear friend Cindy Rose, who defends Heath Barnes as not a groomer and actively dismisses the claim that all LBGTQ are “groomers.”

Ms. Rose defends Heath Barnes against the groomer moniker and disputes the claim that all homosexuality leads to grooming.

But let’s keep reading, and see how far the Anne Arundel Conservative Coalition wants to fall.

I can promise, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that my dear friend Cindy Rose does not kumbaya with Liberals.

Seth “Conservative Corner” Eisenberg

Seth Eisenberg ran for the Frederick County Board of Education in 2018.

Today he is on the Board for the Frederick County Conservative Club and runs the Conservative Corner page.

Both Jeremy Abbot and the Anne Arundel Conservative Coalition attack Seth Eisenberg for having a daughter in the LBGTQ community.

As you can see, Eisenberg is not having any of that.

However, let’s point out the extremely problematic language from the Anne Arundel Conservative Coalition.

First, anyone who uses the word “sodomite” automatically has the intelligence of a cave-dwelling rat.

Secondly, what exactly is a “Christ First Conservative”? That sounds like a dog whistle if I have ever heard one.

Comments from the FCCC Page

We are unable to attribute these comments to any one individual since they were made from a group page.

The Frederick County Conservative Club comes in with the accurate and proper conservative thought process:

“As Conservatives, all we want is as little government intrusion into our lives, to be able to keep as much of the money we make, and of course, freely worship our Creator in a free and open manner. How someone lives their life, as long as it involves consenting adults, they will deal with whatever ramifications are to come.”

We also get to see the hypocrisy of the far right at play here, “You should be allowed to live your life free from government intrusions as long as I agree with your lifestyle.

Fred Propheter

Fred Propheter has been around Frederick County politics for the last decade, volunteering on campaigns and participating on organizational boards.

Propheter not only defends Heath Barnes, but even goes to far as to categorize the statements from Jeremy Abbott and the Anne Arundel Conservative Coalition as “hate speech.”

Have you ever seen someone right of Stalin call anything “hate speech”?

My favorite part of this is putting these “Christ First Conservatives” in the same group as the extremist elements of Islam.

Additionally, Propheter heads off the original post against Barnes, claiming that “Heath was a Gays Against Groomers before they even existed.”


I have been around Republican politics for almost a decade now. What I read in this thread from Cindy, Fred, and Seth is a common opinion among Republican circles.

And sadly, the far-far-right viewpoint that every person in the LBGTQ is a groomer is common in their theocratic circles.

The Daughter

What exactly was the point of bringing up Seth Eisenberg’s daughter?

None. Absolutely none.

Her personal life is not a political or talking point football to punt around when it is convenient to criticize Seth. Nor is it any of your business.

“Christ First Conservatives”

Religion and politics should not be mixed. This is a recipe for disaster.

Just ask modern day Iran and Myanmar.

The far-far-right absolutely hates it when their own dogma is identical to something they hate (Islam, Communism) and you bring it up.

These Christ First Conservatives are no conservatives, they are big government totalitarians who want to impose religious law.

These fringes exists. They should be given a platform to speak, and then laughed and criticized out of the public square.

Conservatives on LBGTQ

The Frederick County Conservative Club properly represented what is a logically consistent and accurate representation of how a conservative should respond to any topic regarding the LBGTQ population.

In essence, “The government should not tell adults how to live their life, as long as everyone consents and it does not hurt anyone else.”

It is a very Libertarian stance, one policy position with significant cross-over appeal.

This is what your typical conservative believes.

It’s not whatever belief system the far-left has fabricated and sold at every election cycle.


GSM (Gender and Sexual Minorities) is better acronym than LBGTQ, LBGTQIA2FA+, or whatever it has expanded into.

Everyone should use GSM more. It covers everyone that is not straight or binary.

It is easier to type, but not enough people even know about the acronym.

So since the soapbox is mine, please use GSM more.

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Eric Beasley
After a year fighting bears and chopping wood in the forest, a Cancer has emerged in Frederick County. The only way to kill Cancer is with fire, and casting a ballot.