Monique Anderson-Walker Joins Franchot Gubernatorial Ticket

Monique Anderson-Walker chosen as Peter Franchot's running mate.

Peter Franchot has chosen Monique Anderson-Walker as his gubernatorial running mate.

But the Franchot campaign’s botched rollout of Anderson-Walker is setting off alarm bells in Maryland political circles.

Can Monique Anderson-Walker withstand the onslaught of press inquiries into her current and past financial troubles?

And what about Monique Anderson-Walker’s ethical lapses as a Prince George’s County councilperson

Marylanders are asking whether the Franchot campaign even vetted Monique Anderson-Walker?

And some Marylanders are asking whether Peter Franchot will drop Monique Anderson-Walker from his ticket and return to the proverbial drawing board.

Monique Anderson-Walker Federal Tax Lien

Maryland political observers were abuzz within hours of the Franchot campaign’s running mate rollout.

The buzz vent viral.

Maryland court records show Anderson-Walker as a listed defendant in an active federal tax lien case.

According to Maryland court records, an active case from July 2015 shows a “Lien and Judgement” was entered against Anderson-Walker and “Jewel J Walker” for $16,402.71.

The Internal Revenue Service is the listed plaintiff.

One Maryland political insider observed, “It’s not as if someone running with the COMPTROLLER should be squared up on their taxes.”

The Franchot campaign did not respond to a 3:07 p.m. Wednesday email seeking comment.

But Anderson-Walker told the Baltimore Sun that she and her husband “paid off a state tax lien in her name and are making payments on a joint federal tax lien.”

“I do want to say that I’m not unlike many Marylanders; it’s unfortunate that we’ve endured some financial struggles,” Anderson-Walker said.

This story will be updated when A Miner Detail retrieves hard copies of all court documents related to the matter.

Maryland Judiciary Case Search shows Monique Anderson-Walker has a federal tax lien.

The Franchot/Anderson-Walker Gubernatorial Ticket

“When I entered the race for Governor, I wanted someone by my side who had the vision, the expertise, and the experience to help me restore competent government to Annapolis and deliver the concrete results that Marylanders deserve,” Franchot said.

Franchot, Maryland’s tax collector, said he’s inspired by Anderson-Walker’s “commitment to community and her innovative, pragmatic solutions to the challenges Maryland families face.”

His campaign also released a video on social media announcing his decision to choose Anderson-Walker.

On joining Franchot’s gubernatorial ticket, Anderson-Walker said, “My public service is rooted in an understanding that we are all in this together.”

“I’m excited to work with Peter on delivering a better quality of life for all Marylanders regardless of zip code,” Anderson-Walker said.

Franchot recently self-anointed himself as the Maryland Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner.

But which Democratic gubernatorial candidates are actually leading the 2022 primary contest?

Are there polls showing Peter Franchot leading Maryland’s gubernatorial contest?

A U.S. News and World Report contributor, Louis Jacobson, ranks Maryland’s gubernatorial contest as one of the “most vulnerable” to switch political parties in 2022.

“The most vulnerable governorship on our list is the open seat in deep-blue Maryland that moderate Republican Larry Hogan is vacating,” Jacobson wrote.

In a June 28 column, Jacobson elevates four of the nine declared Maryland Democrats into a “top tier:”

  • Former Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker (ran and lost in the 2018 Democratic primary);
  • Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot;
  • F0rmer nonprofit executive Wes Moore;
  • Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez.

No Democratic women are currently leading a Maryland gubernatorial ticket.

Was Monique Anderson-Walker Franchot’s First Choice?

Does it matter who was or wasn’t Peter Franchot’s first choice for a gubernatorial running mate?

Long ago, Franchot and Company handpicked state Sen. Mary Washington of Baltimore City as their dream running mate.

But Mary Washington didn’t happen.

That’s for another story.

Then who else was on Franchot’s lieutenant gubernatorial shortlist?

Some of the prominent women listed above may have said “no” to Franchot, no questions asked.

In the immortal words of The Soprano’s “Little” Carmine Lupertazzi Jr., “Whatever happened there.”

Maryland Gubernatorial Politics

About Monique Anderson-Walker 

Monique Anderson-Walker, 50, has worked in real estate for nearly 20 years.

In 2016, she founded Fleur de Lis LLC, a commercial real estate brokerage firm headquartered in Prince George’s County-based National Harbor.

Anderson-Walker is married to state Del. Jay Walker (D-Prince George’s), with whom she has three children.

She and her husband faced foreclosure in 2009.

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