Frank Howard’s huge donation to a socialist, Martin O’Malley Democrat

By Ryan Miner 

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Frank Howard is desperate. His campaign never seemed to get off the ground and running. His messaging never connected with CD-6 voters. He certainly didn’t work to advance the cause of liberty through his campaign. And Mr. Howard often took bad advice from overpaid consultants and southern-based spinmeisters.

Frank Howard is every bit part of the Washington Cartel. He represents the DC insider political class. He is everything wrong with politics these days.

In 2007, Frank Howard gave a $250.00 donation to the socialist former state Senator Karen Montgomery, a Montgomery County Democrat who often led the fight against everything Governor Hogan is trying to overturn at the State House.


Howard’s campaign refuses to provide any sensible explanation into Mr. Howard’s huge donation to Karen Montgomery. While I was donating to Republicans in 2007 (during college), Mr. Howard was cutting checks for a socialist.

In case you forgot, here’s the damage Karen Montgomery inflicted upon Maryland during her tenure as a state senator:

Frank Howard’s donation speaks for itself. His desperate, last-minute attacks on one of his opponents, who, incidentally, ran a much better campaign than did he, reeks of hypocrisy.

Why kind of a Republican is Frank Howard? What did Frank Howard get in return for his donation to Karen Montgomery?

When the Howard campaign offers a legitimate excuse as to why Frank Howard donated to a socialist, we’ll print it. Until then, we’ll patiently wait for a response from Mr. Howard’s for-hire, Florida-based spinmeister.

If Mr. Howard hasn’t already jumped onto the Bernie Sanders Maryland campaign, he’s certainly already supported one of their best supporters.

If there is one thing that we hate more than somebody who falsely takes a moral high ground, it’s somebody who shows no compunction for being a hypocrite.

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