Frank Howard’s depressing Q1 campaign finance report

By Ryan Miner 

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Frank Howard’s latest FEC report means the end is near for his forlorn congressional campaign. Howard’s Q1 numbers went live last evening on the FEC’s website. Numbers don’t lie, and Howard’s latest report proves he’s not viable, nor he can he compete – at least not financially – with John Delaney should he somehow magically win the CD-6 Republican nomination.

Howard’s 2016 Q1 numbers are as follows:

From January 1 to March 31, 2016, Frank Howard raised $1,657.22. He loaned his campaign $25,000.00. The campaign’s total net operating expenses were $24,058.03. With Howard’s personal loan, his cash on hand at the closing of the reporting period was $25,015.83.

Not good.

If this campaign finance report doesn’t worry Republican CD-6 voters, then I don’t know what will. Meanwhile, Howard is making a last-ditch effort by running a negative campaign against “his female opponent.” Multiple CD-6 Republicans reported to me last evening that they received an annoying robocall from the Howard campaign. The robocall apparently told voters not to vote for his “female opponent” who donated to Martin O’Malley.

Negative attacks are to be expected; it’s the nature of politics. I would have no issue with Howard running a negative attack against any of his opponents, except if the attack wasn’t the pot calling the kettle black. Howard, in 2007, gave a hefty contribution to socialist Democrat Karen Montgomery. I assume Howard didn’t have enough cash leftover to add that little tidbit onto the tail end of his egregious robocall.

According to Howard’s communications director, Jim Pettit, the Howard campaign will put out a “press release” as early as Monday to discuss their Q1 numbers, or attempt to spin the bad news. I wouldn’t expect any ballyhoo accompanying Howard’s impending press release.

Can Frank Howard come close to mounting a serious bid against John Delaney this fall? Not even close, if you’re looking at his latest numbers. The Howard campaign is virtually insolvent after this devastating campaign finance report. Viability matters against the multimillionaire incumbent Delaney. If Howard’s fundraising prowess is lacking now, it will only get worse in a general election.

Frank Howard gave it a good run. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

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