Amie Hoeber: “As a Republican, I am ashamed of Frank Howard”

After Frank Howard’s campaign wasted what little money it has left on an attack mailer against Amie Hoeber, I spoke with dozens of Republican activists in each of the five counties within Maryland’s 6th Congressional District.

The Republicans I spoke with told me that they believe Frank Howard’s campaign has grown desperate.

I reached out to the Hoeber campaign for comment after Eric Beasley reported on Howard’s negative, last-minute hit piece against Hoeber.

Here’s the statement Hoeber released to me:

“As a Republican, I am ashamed of Frank Howard. Having served with President Reagan, I follow his 11th commandment — I do not speak ill of my Republican opponents. I have focused, and will continue to focus, on running a positive campaign.

I ansered questions and provided an explanation about this issue months ago. Mr. Howard’s attack is false. I never gave my time to Martin O’Malley. I proudly voted for Bob Ehrlich in the 2010 gubernatorial election. 

I trust Republicans in the 6th District to distinguish between desperate and unfounded, last-minute personal attacks and substantive differences of opinion.”

Amie Hoeber won’t say it, but I will: Frank Howard is self-beclowning himself at this point. It’s not easy to watch. It’s like watching the movie Titanic for the 178th time; you know how it’s going to end. SPOILER ALERT: The ship sinks.

After this primary is over and Howard loses by significant margins, do you think he’ll regret that hefty 2007 $250.00 campaign donation he excitedly and unhesitatingly made in support of Karen Montgomery, a Montgomery County leftwing, socialist Democrat?

On one hand, Howard touts the “support” he received from Bob Ehrlich, but with the other hand, he’s cutting a massive check to a leftwing socialist Democrat who campaign hard, supported and voted for Martin O’Malley in 2006.

Frank Howard was donating hefty campaign contributions to Martin O’Malley’s most reliable Socialist in the Maryland House of Delegates not even a year after Bob Ehrlich lost the Governor’s Mansion. Just what kind of Republican is Frank Howard? A Republican who does whatever it takes to buy access? Isn’t that politics as usual – the same politics as the “D.C. insider political class you so often hear Howard railing against?

Political candidates cannot take the moral high ground when they are guilty of the same sin of which they accuse their opponent. But then again, Frank Howard has a habitual problem with betraying the truth.

Kim and I know all about being personally betrayed by Frank Howard; he betrayed both of us and our friendship last summer. He traded up our friendship for politics. Some friend that Frank Howard was to Kim and me. But that’s what politicians do. They sell out and leave their “real” friends in the dust.


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