Hoeber Hired Paul Ellington to Manage ’16 Congressional Race

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In 2016, Republican Amie Hoeber hired Paul Ellington to manage her congressional campaign.

Hoeber was the 6th congressional District’s Republican nominee in 2016 and 2018.

She lost in ’16 to then-Rep. John K. Delaney (D) and in ’18 to now-Rep. David J. Tone (D).

Paul Ellington is a seasoned Republican political operative with over three decades s of campaign and government experience.

According to Ellington’s LinkedIn page, he is the “Principle and Founder” of State and Local Advisors, LLC, a Maryland-based political and campaign consulting firm.

Paul Ellington’s Political Experience 

Mr. Ellington’s political experience is far-reaching.

A former Maryland planning secretary under Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, David Craig hired Ellington in 2013 to manage his gubernatorial campaign.

Craig was one of four candidates to compete in Maryland’s 2014 Republican gubernatorial primary. He was defeated by Larry Hogan in the June primary that year.

Bob Ehrlich’s Administration 

Bob Ehrlich was Maryland’s Republican governor from 2003 to 2007.

Former Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele tapped Ellington to serve as his chief of staff soon after he and Elrich were sworn into office in January 2003.

Steele, now 63, ran unsuccessfully in 2006 for the U.S. Senate. Now-U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin, a Democrat, defeated Steele in the November 2006 general election.

Steeler then led the Republican National Committee from 2009 to 2011.

Mr. Steele considered running for Maryland governor in 2022 but ultimately decided to sit out the contest and continue with his paid media gigs.

Ellington’s Work in Republican Politics 

Paul Ellington was the Maryland Republican Party’s executive director from December 1998 to January 2003.

He also served a term on the Bowie City Council.

Ellington was president of GOPAC, Inc., a training organization for elected officials in the District of Columbia, from January 2003 until January 2007.

And Ellington is one of the founders of Change Maryland, Larry Hogan’s political apparatus that he ran until he was elected Maryland governor in 2014.

A campaign grassroots expert, Ellington has worked with over 50 campaigns at the local, state, and federal levels.

Ellington’s role in Hoeber’s 2016 Congressional Campaign

Hoeber told A Miner Detail in 2016 that she hired Paul Ellington to manage the daily operations of her congressional campaign.

As part of an internal shake-up, Laurin Groover, Hoeber’s former campaign manager, stepped aside from managing Hoeber’s campaign.

Groover remained a campaign staffer, managing Hoeber’s day-to-day schedule.

Ellington is now a principal at State and Local Advisors, LLC, a Maryland lobbying shop operating out of Annapolis.

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