Frank Howard comes out swinging against “phony war on women”

By Ryan Miner 


Kudos to Frank Howard for taking on Hillary Clinton and the manufactured “war on women.” In an email blast released last evening, Howard’s congressional campaign issued a stinging rebuke of what Howard dubs at the “phony war on women.”

I emphatically agree with Frank Howard.

Howard referenced former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s disgusting remarks she made at a New Hampshire campaign rally for Hillary Clinton.

Albright shrilled,  

“there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.”  

Kim and I witnessed Albright’s remarks; we were present two Saturday’s ago for Hillary’s low-energy afternoon rally  – it was really a snooze fest – that was held inside of a gymnasium at a Concord high school.

While Hillary supporters cheered in agreement with Albright’s comments immediately after she dropped that little doozy, Kim and I, horrified, stared at one another with incredulity and thought, “Uh, did she actually just say that?”

Sadly, she did. It looks like Kim is going to hell – because she will never, ever support Hillary Clinton.

Howard, one of the leading Republicans angling for the congressional nomination in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District, wasted no time taking Hillary Clinton to task for failing to offer even a semblance of an apology for Albright’s inappropriate and ill-timed remarks. It’s no wonder Hillary lost the New Hampshire primary to Bernie Sanders by nearly 20 points.

It’s no wonder Hillary lost the New Hampshire primary to Bernie Sanders by nearly 20 points. Soon enough, Hillary Clinton could even be indicted.

Here’s Howard’s email blast in full:

My Congressional campaign’s January 31 newsletter was about the phony war on women that Hillary Clinton, John Delaney, Democrats – and even some squishy, moderate Republicans – use during election season to play gender politics.   What a surprise, another shot has been fired. 

This time with an assist from former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright who said, “there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.”  What she was talking about was turning out the vote for Hillary Clinton during the New Hampshire primary.

One might think that Albright’s subsequent apology for essentially saying women will go to hell for not supporting Clinton might mention the real war being waged on women in other parts of the world. No, it did not.  

In a New York Times op/ed, “My Undiplomatic Moment,” February 12, Albright repeats phony, partisan war on women talking points.  She asserts that “paid family leave remains an elusive dream,” and many politicians act as “though the top threat to our national security is Planned Parenthood.”

Are Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright oblivious to the violent attacks that take place every day against women, making for them a hell on earth?   According to a U.S. Department of Justice-funded study released last year, honor violence is most prevalent in Islamic regions of the Middle-East, North Africa and South Asia. In Europe 96% of honor killings were committed by Muslims and, worldwide, women comprise 93% of the victims.  A United Nations report estimates 5000 deaths per year. 

The term “honor violence” is derived from women who are said to bring dishonor to male family members by not consenting to forced marriages, becoming westernized in social culture or engaging in what is perceived as promiscuous behavior.  

Thank you for this “apology” Madame Secretary. You and Hillary Clinton are adherents of soft power, using diplomacy, information and persuasion to shape world opinion and behavior.   What a botched opportunity. 

The Albright-Clinton fiasco shows why so many believe the U.S. is not a world leader.  There is a real war on women with deadly consequences. Former secretaries of state,  Presidential candidates and incumbent members of Congress should learn what their own government has to say about it.  “

Howard also lumped John Delaney into the mix with Hillary Clinton and Albright. Well known throughout the 6th district, Rep. Delaney is a staunch supporter of the Clintons. I wouldn’t expect Delaney to issue a public statement countering Albright and Clinton any time soon.

According to an Associated Press article, in 2014, John Delaney donated $1 million to Georgetown University to establish a Hillary Clinton Fellowship.

Earlier this year, Congressman Delaney and his wife, April, hosted a private fundraiser in Potomac featuring Hillary Clinton.

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