Frank Howard’s campaign – on life support – is completely desperate

By Ryan Miner 

Frank Howard’s campaign has been on life support since the release of his last campaign finance report. With little money raised and a dwindling volunteer base, Mr. Howard’s campaign will soon end – on a low note – come April 26.

Tonight Howard’s campaign reached the height of its desperation when it released a robocall to CD-6 Republicans, asking said Republicans to vote against Howard’s “female opponent.” The 30-second robocall made mention of Howard’s “opponent” who made a financial contributation to Martin O’Malley.

But apparently Howard’s robocall ran out of time and forgot to mention this little tidbit:


What’s that, you ask?

What you see above is documentation of a 2007 campaign donation Frank Howard made to Maryland state senator Karen Montgomery, a liberal Democratic socialist who recently stepped down from the District 14 senate seat. If Howard can attack his “female opponent,” then surely he should be ready when somebody calls out his blatant hypocrisy.

Frank Howard’s campaign seems to be employing the same tricks used by Maryland political consultant Lawrence Scott. When I asked whether Howard’s campaign actually hired Scott, Howard’s communications director, Jim Pettit, sent me the following response,


As a matter of policy, the Frank Howard campaign does not comment on individuals who may or may not be involved in our campaign.  Doing so would reveal campaign strategy and tactics to a crowded field of primary opponents as well as the incumbent Congressman.

All is fair in love, war, and politics – especially when calling out hypocrisy.

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  1. “female opponent”, no name. really? creepy.

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