More Click-Bait and Lies about Kefalas/Hoeber

By Eric Beasley

The Devil is always in the details, pun intended. So I awoke today and saw an article on Twitter about some sort of voter rating guide that claims that both Chrys Kefalas and Amie Hoeber are “Liberals.”

Well, being the enterprising researcher that I am, I decided to take 5 minutes out of my life to figure out “why?” these two candidates were rated as Liberal. Let’s start with who published the voter guide. What constitutes a Liberal in the view of this group?

The voter guide used as a source for this liberal rating is iVoterGuide, a joint effort by two groups, Heritage Alliance and American Family Association. No red flags going off yet? They should be, let me tell you why.

Heritage Alliance – The name is intentionally misleading, this is NOT the Heritage Foundation. Their website says it all. They are the types of “Republicans” that believe United States Law should follow the laws set forth in the Bible. Not all Biblical law, really just one of the 76 prohibited activities in Leviticus. The other 75, like shaving the side of your face, withholding worker wages overnight, and eating shellfish, are just ignored because they are inconvenient. Just check out the front page of their website:

Heritage Alliance

News flash: A government in which law is based on religion is called a Theocracy. I’m thinking that I should start calling these “Republicans” Pro-Ayatollah to better capture what they advocate.

American Family Association – This is just one of many pro-Ayatollah “family” organizations that advocates for American law based on Christian values. Seems like they do a lot of praying for politicians. Based on their results, this seems to be going well. Bazinga.

So now that we have established that iVoterGuide is nothing more than a pro-Ayatollah, Selective Moral Majority, and pro-Theocracy, let’s talk about these two candidates and their ratings.

Senate candidate Chrys Kefalas was rated as “Liberal” in this voter guide. Do you want to know why? There is only one single piece of information present on this site about Chrys Kefalas:

Kefalas Endorsement

Chrys Kefalas is rated as a “Liberal” because those “homosexual activists” over at Log Cabin Republicans endorsed him. That’s it. This rating is not based on his stances on the economy, national security, tax policy, debt, Obamacare, Second Amendment, or anything that actually matters to voters. It is based on an endorsement from a Republican organization.

Now that you know the facts, you are an educated voter and you can make an educated decision; Do you want to vote for a Republican Senate candidate that was endorsed by a Republican group that just so happens to be gay?

How about Amie Hoeber? This one is a little harder to catch in a screenshot for your informative purposes. As with Kefalas, the candidate did not fill out the questionnaire nor is any other information present on the page. Except two tiny little hyperlinks on the page, under the “Info from other sources” heading. These hyperlinks link you to the 87 bazillion different hit pieces published by a low-level political loudmouth living in his mother’s basement that likes to silence opposition through blackmail, claiming that Hoeber is “pro-abortion.” As with Kefalas, this rating has nothing to do with the economy, national security, tax policy, debt, Obamacare, Second Amendment, or anything else that actually matters.

So what actually happened here is something that is not allowed when conducting research. The presenter, claiming that Hoeber is “Liberal,” is using their own opinion papers as a source to claim that she is “Liberal.” This is the same logic that conservatives decry when environmental activists use their own flawed research to “prove” global cooling/global warming/climate change in a subsequent paper.

Now that you know the facts, you can make an educated decision. If you are part of the 0.5% to 1% of voters that only care about abortion, you obviously will not be voting for Hoeber. If you are one of the 99% to 99.5% of voters who care about having a job and not being shot by ISIS, you still have a few options as far as which candidate will best represent you.

And if you are a part of the vocal minority that believes US Law should be in compliance with Biblical Law, then I’ll buy your one-way ticket to Iran so you can experience a Theocracy.

But this “candidate survey” gets fishier…

One candidate for the Republican primary in CD6 did not receive a rating. Robin Ficker. He did not receive a rating despite the fact that Mr. Ficker has two different candidate questionnaires cited as “Info from other sources.” There is more information about Ficker on this page than Kefalas and Hoeber, yet why does Ficker not have a rating?

This candidate survey and rating does not pass the smell test.


Eric Beasley
Eric Beasley Administrator

Eric is a former officer in the Republican Club of Frederick County and Frederick County Republican Central Committee between 2015 and 2018. Former guest host on WFMD and showrunner on WTHU. Avid gardener and food preserver. Graduated from Libertarianism to Anarchism as the corruption level in the state requires us to start over from scratch. 

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Eric Beasley
After a year fighting bears and chopping wood in the forest, a Cancer has emerged in Frederick County. The only way to kill Cancer is with fire, and casting a ballot.

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