Ben Jealous is marketing his recent arrest

By Ryan Miner 

Ben Jealous, a Maryland Democratic candidate for governor, was among 27 arrested yesterday at an immigration protest near the White House. The Bernie Sanders-backed candidate is now marketing his arrest in an unusual way.

Jealous’s gubernatorial campaign released an email blast earlier today entitled “Arrested for standing up.”

Jealous recapped the circumstances that led to his arrest, writing “Yesterday, on the fifth anniversary of DACA, I went back to my organizing roots and helped lead a peaceful demonstration outside of the White House.”

The crux of the email blast asked supporters to sign a petition to “Tell Donald Trump to protect Dreamers, and ask Congress to pass the bipartisan Dream Act.”

Jealous’ email blast even attacked Larry Hogan for governing “through half measures, equivocations, and silence when our Maryland values are threatened by Trump’s bigotry.” 



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