Madaleno wants Jealous to provide specifics on his plan to provide ‘free college tuition’

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rich Madaleno is questioning fellow candidate Ben Jealous over his plan – or lack thereof  – to provide Marylanders free college tuition.

Yesterday, Jealous, a former head of the NAACP, said he wants Maryland to become the second state in the union to provide tuition-free higher education after New York. Jealous advocated tuition-free college standing before a group of University of Maryland Baltimore County students.

Jealous was light on policy specifics and failed to articulate how he would pay for such an increase in costs, except for mentioning that he would end mass incarceration, according to the Washington Post’s Ovetta Wiggins.

State Sen. Rich Madaleno – who has worked in the state senate to keep Maryland tuition rates affordable – isn’t falling for Jealous’ plan, and he’s calling him out.

Madaleno’s campaign today released a press release questioning Jealous’ lack of specifics and called on Jealous to put forward “his plans for higher education soon.”

Here’s Madaleno’s press release:

For Immediate Release

October 11, 2017

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Madaleno Questions Jealous’ Lack of Plan for Free College Tuition

“I’ve been leading on college affordability for over a decade with detailed policies, eager to know when Ben’s will be forthcoming,” said Madaleno

Kensington, MD – Today, State Senator Richard Madaleno, Democratic candidate for governor, welcomed Ben Jealous’ ideas on free college tuition to the race for governor but questioned his lack of any specifics.

“As someone who has a record of freezing tuition for Maryland students and proposing detailed plans for achieving tuition-free community college and job certification programs, I’m eager to hear if Ben has plans to support his ideas,” said Madaleno. “For over a decade, I’ve helped lead our state’s efforts to tackle college affordability. I welcome a conversation about the policy details and funding sources for any idea that will make higher education attainable for the next generation of Marylanders.”

According to the Washington Post from today, “Jealous has not estimated how much a Maryland tuition-free state program would cost, how many students would benefit or what type of income-eligibility requirements would be required. “We’re still looking at those numbers,” he said.”

Madaleno continued, “Marylanders deserve thoughtful achievable policies instead of platitudes and promises.  I hope Ben will be putting forward his plans for higher education soon.”

Some highlights of Madaleno’s record include: In 2007, Madaleno co-sponsored successful legislation which froze tuition for Maryland college students from 2007 to 2011.  This year, Madaleno co-authored SB 1173, the Higher Education Degree and Job Certification Without Debt Act of 2017, which provides new initiatives like Guaranteed Access (GA) grants that are awarded to the neediest students to ensure that 100% of educational costs are paid; and further grants that are awarded to low- and moderate-income students to assist in reducing the overall cost of college anywhere from 40-60%. The bill would also prevent four-year colleges from increasing their tuition for in-state students by more than 2% annually.

Rich Madaleno has served Montgomery County for 15 years in the Maryland House and Senate. He is an expert on budget issues, serving as Vice-Chair of the Budget and Taxation Committee.  Additionally, Rich has been a leader in passing legislation on key progressive issues like marriage equality, ensuring funding for Planned Parenthood, investing in education and protecting the environment.


BY AUTHORITY: Marylanders for Rich Madaleno. Linda Eisenstadt, Treasurer.

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