What you should know about Terry Baker’s Interim Protective Order

Terry Baker Protective Order

Washington County Commissioner Terry Baker is accused of domestic violence by Katrina Baker, now his ex-wife.

Court records show Katrina Baker filed an Interim Protective Order against Terry Baker in July 2018, accusing him of domestic violence and “slapping her in the face.”

Terry Baker’s Interim Protective Order 

A Washington County District Court judge granted Katrina Baker an ex parte interim protective against Terry Baker on July 24, 2018.

The order temporarily ordered Baker to stay away from his wife.

Protective Orders are civil orders issued by a judge that order one person to refrain from committing certain acts against others.

The relationship between the respondent (person alleged to have committed the prohibited act) and the petitioner (person seeking protection) determines the type of petition filed.

Protective Orders generally apply to people in domestic relationships.

Peace Orders apply to other persons.

Marylanders cannot qualify for protective and peace orders simultaneously.

Katrina Baker dismissed the protective order she filed against Mr. Baker, though she says she stands by her accusation that Mr. Baker struck her in the face.

Katrina Baker alleged Terry Baker physically assaulted her  

Washington County Sheriff’s deputies told A Miner Detail that Baker, president of the Washington County commissioners board at the time, was involved in a domestic incident with his wife, Katrina, at their Clear Spring home.

Baker did not respond to A Miner Detail’s request for comment.

Katrina Baker’s July 2018 911 call 

Katrina Baker, Terry Baker’s ex-wife, called 911 on July 12, 2018, requesting law enforcement officers be dispatched to their Clear Spring home.

“I have been having domestic issues with my husband, Terry Baker,” Katrina Baker told the 911 operator.

“We’ve had domestic issues about a week ago,” she said.

“I don’t want him here.”

Maryland politics blog A Miner Detail filed a Maryland public information request with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office to request a recording of Katrina Baker’s 911 call.

A Sheriff’s Department official referred to the July 12 incident as a “disturbance” and provided A Miner Detail a case number: 1084700.

A “personal matter” 

Washington County Director of Public Relations and Marketing Danielle N. Weaver referred to the incident involving Terry Baker as a “personal matter,” telling A Miner Detail, “the County does not speak to personal matters.”

A Miner Detail followed up with Washington County Attorney John M. Martirano, now Washington County’s administrator. 

Martirano said the county would review the public information request and follow the proper channels to ensure the request is filled. 

Terry Baker was cited for driving on a suspended license 

On July 2, 2018, Baker was stopped by a Washington County Sheriff’s Deputy for “driving a vehicle on a highway with a suspended registration.”

Louis Alvarez was the deputy who stopped Baker, according to Maryland court records.

Deputy Alvarez’s electronic license plate reader scanned Baker’s vehicle tags and recognized that Baker was driving on a suspended license.

Baker was cited at 5:31 a.m. on July 2, 2019, on Interstate 70 eastbound at exit 24, online court records show.

Baker was first elected to the Washington County Board of County Commissioners in 2006. He won re-election in 2010 and 2014.

In 2016, Baker unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District.

In July 2021, Terry Baker filed to run for Maryland House of Delegates in District 1C.

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