Spong unfailingly provides Tim Rowland with new material

By Ryan Miner 


No commentary needed.

Check out Tim Rowland’s latest column, “Spong seems to be suffering from gaffeluenza.’

Here’s a snippet:

“Spong’s tone-deafness is eerily similar to the “affluenza” kid who, after receiving probation on a drunken-driving fatality, thought it would be a good idea to post a video of himself playing beer-pong to YouTube. Of course, maybe Woody’s lawyers can argue that he has a similar malady — “gaffeluenza.”

Not that he needed to apologize to the county’s tea party wing, including one individual who rationalized on social media that the meme couldn’t be racist because on the “Our Gang” films, Buckwheat made racially insensitive comments, and, you know, he was black.”

To read Tim’s column in full, click here.

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