BREAKING: Gov. Hogan wants Spong’s nomination rejected

By Ryan Miner 


First reported by the Herald-Mail:

In a letter addressed to the Maryland Senate Executive Nominations Committee, Gov. Larry Hogan has asked the committee to reject Vincent G. “Woody” Spong’s appointment.

“Mr. Spong is not the choice of Governor Hogan and the administration therefore urges the Executive Nominations Committee to vote against this individual and reject his nomination for Washington County Commissioner,” the letter reads.”

Per the Herald-Mail, you can read Hogan’s letter in full:

Hogan’s rejection of Woody Spong by Ryan Miner

Spong’s hearing before the Senate Executive Nominations Committee is set for Monday evening.

Spong could resign before Monday and save himself from public embarrassment or endure what is expected to be a grueling tongue lashing by the committee.

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