The special election process for the City of Brunswick

By Ryan Miner 


As a result of the recent City of Brunswick mayoral and City Council election, a new mayor, Jeffrey Snoots, was elected, thus creating a vacancy on Brunswick’s City Council. Upon being sworn in as Brunswick’s mayor, Snoots’ City Council seat will need to be filled.

Here’s the how the process will unfold:

The Mayor and Council will choose a date to replace Snoots’ unexpired Council term – a special election – within 20 days of the vacated seat. The special election must take place within 120 days.

Last Tuesday, Snoots ousted incumbent Mayor Karin Tome by a 71-vote margin. Councilwoman Angel White was re-elected to a new four-year team; Vaughn Ripley and former Councilman Tom Smith earned a second and third-place victory, respectively.

City Council candidate Eric Beasley finished fourth with 434 total votes. Beasley has asked supporters to keep his campaign signs in their yards, signaling that he will seek the Council seat that Snoots’ will soon vacate.

Former City Council candidate Ginger Cayo, who finished fifth in Tuesday’s election with 393 total votes, stated in a Facebook thread on August 3 that she “will not be running for the open seat.”

Amanda McGannon – also a former City Council candidate – was asked on her City Council Facebook page whether she is planning to seek the open Council seat. To date, she has not publicly indicated that she intends to seek Snoots’ seat.

City Council candidate Laura Dvorak also has not indicated whether she will run for the open seat.

I will update our readers accordingly as I learn more about the Council vacancy.

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